1. The average open rate is between 20-30%.
2. Shoot for in your click rates is 4.5%.

1. Welcome Email

Welcome emails are sent when a customer first signs up or subscribes to a service. They welcome email serves two purposes: confirm the customer’s email
and guide the customer what to do next.

2. Recurring Email
Recurring emails are sent on a timed schedule usually weekly, monthly, quarterly. Most people think of newsletters and long boring text, it doesn’t have to be that way. Images make the email scannable and easy to read. And it’s ok for emails to be long - just make sure they are interesting.

3. Transactional / Trigger Email
Transactional or trigger emails are sent whenever the customer takes or fails to take some action. Think of emails that are triggered off “if the customer does/
does not do X, then send this email” statements.
• customer adds item to cart but doesn’t check out
• user hasn’t logged in 10 weeks
• in-app notifications (follow, subscribe, re-pin, reply, etc.)
• receipt confirmation / shipping confirmation
• trial expiration

LilyLED Email Ideas:

A. Pending customers:
Did something go wrong?
Ask for a reason?
B. Order complete:
Add some incentive and design for a followthrough.
List of new products.
C. Newsletter
New products.
Free product advice.

• no floating divs
• no external stylesheets
• no javascript
• no css shorthand (#fff vs. #ffffff) or (font: 16px blue; vs. font-size:
16px; color: blue;)
• no doctype
• no head section
• no wider than 600px

• set explicit margins on tables
• use absolute path for images and links (e.g. http://appsumo.com/
• use alt attributes for images

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