Here's How To Create A Website That Makes Money

With a content based website, you can be an authority on any topic you like & make money from it.

people who follow this process have built their annual revenue to over $100,000 a year.
They just WASH, RINSE, REPEAT everyday.

That's why their traffic numbers and revenue grow month to month. It's the ABC's of Internet marketing.
A. If you have more pages, then you have more stuff that gets indexed by the search engines.

B. If you have more stuff to get indexed, then you get more visitor traffic.

C. If you have more traffic, then you make more money through click ads, affiliate links and referr
als to advertisers.
1.  Create a content based website on a Main Keyword Phrase.

2.  Everyday, add a 'new page with a video' and link it from the front page.

3.  Add a captivating picture promoting the 'new video' on the front page.

You can even use pictures and videos you find online. You can create your own videos through Corel.

4.  Have links, from the front page, to all this week's new video pages.

5.  Have a 'Keyword Rich Index' to all your video pages.

6.  Have an opt-in form that promises a video a day to subscribers.

7.  Have Google ads on all your pages. You can also include affiliate links.

8.  Add your own advertiser(s) as leads or include in directories, which you recommend to your visitors.

9.  Add your own advertiser(s) for Pay Per Click Ads and Banner advertising, related to your website.
You can create your own banner ads by using Snagit.

Click here for the Templates you need to create the pages shown below.

Video Page

Here's what the video page can look like.
1.  Make sure the videos you select are viral. This means you need to pick videos that are so interesting, or funny that your visitors watching then will send them to a friend to watch too. Include a 'Tell A Friend' link.

2.  Write about the video using 'Related Keyword Phrases' that support your Main Keyword Phrase. 350 words is good.

3.  While people are watching the video they will click on the Google ads that interest them.

4.  If you have a referral company, or companies, that you are sending leads to, even better. You can then recommend to your visitors to go there.

5.  Have your subscribe page here for the people who land on this page either from a friend's recommendation of from an online search.
Everyday you send an email out to all your subscribers with a compelling reason why they should watch today's new video.
The email should also include a link to the video page on your website.
Finally, make sure all the pages you add are optimized with related keyword phrases so the search engines can index them to be displayed for matching online searches. As you create additional video pages you'll want to add them as subpages.
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