IMPORTANT - Read Before Adding New Login Accounts

This page shows you how to add addition login accounts to your Income Activator account.

These accounts are only for coworkers, partners, and people you absolutely trust! people who log into your website have the power to do anything on your website that you can, this includes editing pages, deleting things, and viewing the revenue you're making.

If one of your users does something on your website you need reversed, please contact us.

When you make a user account for someone, make sure they know not to give their login email and password to anyone, for any reason.

You should change your password, along with your user's passwords every couple months for security reasons.

How To Manage User Logins

To add a user login, go to the top menu 'Your Account', then from the dropdown click on 'User Logins'.

1. Existing Login Accounts:  When you first come to this page, you'll see your login account here. You can change your password by clicking on the 'Edit' link.

2. Personal Information:  Enter your new user's personal information; name and telephone.

3. Login Email:  Enter the email address the person will use to login.

4. Login Password:  Enter the password the person will use to login into the 'Password' and 'Confirm' fields.

5. Insert:  Click the 'Insert' button. The new account is now active and will appear in the table to the right where you can make changes to it.

Now your new user can login to their account by going to

Note: When editing a user account, the password will appear as blank for security reasons, to change the password simply type in a new one and click 'Update'.

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