How To Sell On Amazon

How to sell on AmazonAmazon sells millions of products, with 320 million monthly visitors.
people creating and selling ebooks can pull in between $5,000 to $60,000 a month from this formula. 
1. Pick a product to promote
2. Create an Amazon listing for the new product
3. Keep price low Initially
4. Activate multiple accounts
5. Massive Listing Activity Burst
6. Review Top 5 Related Products & Add Links To Your Listings
7. Write Kindle Book To Boast Purchases & Run KDP Select
8. Promote On Outside Web Properties 
9. SEO Listings

Very few people 'Promote' there products on Amazon, they just sell the. When you promote your product you get noticed.
Where a product ranks on Amazon is based on 4 things
1. Purchases (Sales)
2. Reviews
3. Likes (Not Facebook)
4. Tags
Master these and you own Amazon.
You benefit by getting lots of purchases and reviews
Multiple accounts acting on your behalf
- You need this done asap.
Create a new Amazon account 
Physical Products go to
Choose the $40 per month plan, the free plan has to many limitations and not worth it.
EBooks go to
Select the free account
Start by keeping your price low. Low Price = Higher Ranking = More Purchases
You can raise your price slowly as your purchases increase
- Friends, Family, Facebook friends - if you like this product I will give you one if you write a review about it on Amazon.
- Customer list
- Outside Traffic link Blogs
- From Amazon Itself
1. Tages - Tag your products right with good high valued keywords you can grab other search traffic from the Tags you use.
When people are looking at Tags they will see your product
2. Keywords - Use Amazon's suggested Search Feature. See what other people are searching for and use those keywords in your Title and description. Use the long tailed keyword phrases when possible.
3. Your Website. Linking from your website to your Amazon listing(or Authority website) - using keyword enriched links puts you higher in the Google rankings.
Do this in a launch. You want an activity burst.
Give out your books i.e. to 1,000 people and have them go to Amazon and write a review about it.
You can use affiliate partners and their client lists to do that by offering your eBook to their client list for free providing they will do a follow up email and ask if for a review to be written.
Review the Top 5 Related Products to Yours & Add a Link Back to Your Listing
Buy the top 5 products 'Related to Yours' them write a 'good valuable review' on each of them and 'briefly mention your product' at the end of your review.
Then click on the button entitled Product Link which will link these pages on Amazon to your product.
You are literally going to Piggyback off the traffic and sales of these products.
Amazon provides you with a tool to do this.
You can get tons of traffic this way, as people who enjoyed reading your review then wanted to see your offer.
How To Sell On Amazon

Kindle Promotion Of Your Amazon Product

Kindle PromotionUse Kindle Books to:
1. Write a free 'Sales Strategy or How To' book about your Amazon product.
2. Add a link in the Kindle eBook to your product on Amazon
3. Run a 'KDP Select' promotion for a day or two. This is where you offer your Kindle book for free for 1 or 2 days then put a price on it.
Because of the interest in your 'free offer' it will increase your Kindle rankings.  
This will give you 'priority placement' as it gives Kindle's readership something 'free' that would otherwise cost them. That's why you get promoted.
Web Properties You can also promote your product through Blogs, your website, Facebook, Twitter and other social media outlets.

Selling Physical Products On Amazon

Fulfillment by AmazonUse FulFillment By Amazon
You send Amazon your products, they handle the inventory, payments, shipping and returns.
Amazon pays you every 14 days
For pricing click here. 

7 Step Kindle Profit Strategy

Kindle pays you to get customer if you use your eBook as a lead generator which links to your website.
1. Pick a Hot Topic
Kindle's market leans towards books on diets, fitness, fiction, romance, weight loss, cookbooks, etc.
people do a lot of leisure reading and books that lean this, like fiction can do really well.  
2. Write (or outsource) 3 shorts books (20 to 30 pages)
All targeted at the same demographic, i.e. Moms that want to lose weight, cooking fast meals, fitness form moms. 
3. Publish On Kindle by going to Kindle Direct Publishing.
4. Link the eBooks Together
Link them in your resource page to your Amazon products page.
ONce they enjoyed one book, they will be looking for 'related' eBooks to buy.
You will then have 2 'active hyper links' taking them directly to each of your other eBooks. 
This also provides instant gratification.
5. Re-publish on Kindle with link pages for a 2nd launch
You can update your eBook at any time to make it current.
6. Run KDP Select for 1 Day.
people will download probably one of your 3 ebooks and the next day buy one of your related ebooks.
All 3 ebooks will promote each other. The next day you will get a surge of purchases
7. Collect your check from Amazon.
Example of this strategy working
16,830 free eBook downloads in 24 hours.
Your account will show Free & Sold units or eBooks
1. 7779 free eBook downloads with 635 ebooks sold in one day ($600 profit)
2. 7710 free eBook downloads with 40 ebooks sold
3. 626 free eBook downloads with 10 sold
How to promote an ebook on Kindle

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