Where Find Video & How to Get Free Visitor Traffic From Them

Visitor Traffic From Videos
Below are 3 websites you can go to and great videos, that are gaining popularity,
that you can add to your website as content.
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1. BigGeekDad.com

2. GoodNewsNetwork.org

3. YouTube.com/Omeleto


Reddit lets people to submit links and videos, other visitors vote on which content should appear nearest to the top of the page.

You should register for an account on reddit so you can decide which categories you want to be shown content from.

Note: Reddit and its content are updated every second, if you refresh the page the content will probably change as more interesting and trending topics get "voted up" to the top of the page.

1. Reddit Go to http://www.reddit.com/.

2. Categories Reddit has pages for almost every category you can think of. To view the best videos from all categories, click on 'VIDEOS'.

3. Links  Click on a link to see the video, article, or picture. You can click on the play icon to watch the video without leaving this page.

Hint: Reddit also has sections on marketing, SEO, web design, and lots of other helpful categories that you may want to check out for advice, updates, and new content.


YouTube only has videos, but it has a lot of them.

Go to YouTube.com and register an account. You can subscribe to channels to get updates whenever they post a new content.

1. Search  You can search for videos at the top of YouTube.

2. See All Categories  Click on 'See All' to view the video categories.


Digg is similar to reddit as visitors decide which content is displayed.

Go to http://www.digg.com/.

1. Top Stories  Shows you the top content of the day.

2. Popular Shows you the popular content of the day.

3. Upcoming  This shows you a smaller list of all the upcoming articles or videos, to the right of each is how many times it has been shared on social media.



StumbleUpon lets you view new and interesting content based on the subjects and categories you choose.

Start by going to http://www.stumbleupon.com/. Register an account, then select which categories and content you want to be shown.

1. Stumble! Click on 'Stumble!' button to get a random new website, article, or video.

2. Website  The website will appear here, under the top gray bar.

3. Interests  You can filter which content you want to see by clicking on 'All Interests'.


Pinterest mainly contains content and videos for women, but you can find stuff for guys too.

If you write content that looks like it would fit on Pinterest, submit it!

1. Categories Select a category to filter which content you want to see.

2. Videos You can show only videos by selecting 'Videos'.

3. Link  Click on a link or video to view it.


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