How To Remove A Form From A Page

Your website comes with 2 forms already built in; a front page form to collect names and email addresses, and a contact form that allows your visitors to easily send you a message.

To remove a form from your page, follow these instructions.

1. Edit Page:  Click on the page that has the form you want to remove on it. Any page with a form will show (Form Added) under the page title.

2. Form: This text is what makes the form appear on your page. To remove your form, delete this short bit of text from your page.

Now save your page, then click the 'View' link at the right.

How To Delete A Form From Your Website

Your website comes with 2 forms already built in; you can delete these forms if you don't have a use for them.

1. Edit A Form:  On the top menu bar click on 'Forms', then from the dropdown click on 'Edit A Form'.

2. Select Form:  Select your form in the table to the right by checking off the box to the left of the form title.

3. Delete Selected:  Click on the 'Go' button under the table. This will delete any forms you have checked off.

4. Confirm:  You have to confirm that you want to delete your form.

Note: When you delete a form you delete all of the data collected through it.

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