YouTube Video Responses

You post a video response to almost any video on YouTubeIf you don't see a video response you have posted, it may be because the owner of the original video has to approve your response before it will appear.

Once the owner approves your video, it will appear as a video response under the original.

1. Video Responses Video responses show up under the video, above the comment box.

How To Post A Response Video

Use the search box at the top to find videos in your area.

1. Views  Find a video with a lot of views, or find a newer video that is quickly rising in the number of views it has.

2. Comments Box  Click in the comments box.

3. Create A Video Response Click on the 'Create A Video Response' link.

Creating A Video Response

1. You will be given two options for choosing your video response: 

Choose a Video The Choose a Video option lets you respond with any video you've already posted. Each video in your account can only be used as a video response one time. You'll notice that your videos that have already been used as video responses have an asterisk (*) beside them.

Upload a Video Response This option works like the normal upload process. Simply go tothe upload pageand upload the video as usual. Once this is complete, return to select your newly uploaded video as the video response.

2. Upload Your Response Video Once you have created your video, click on 'Start' to upload it.

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