Websites Are Meant To Make Money!

This video shows you how YOU can make money using YouTube's trending & viral videos.

In fact millions of companies are making a fortune re-posting other people's videos they get from YouTube on their website.  I'm talking about credible online businesses that do this such as CNN to Huffington Post, and you can do this too on your website.

I'm Lee Romanov, President of, and I've been making money online since 1994, and I'm going to show you how you can generate online revenue by re-posting videos you find from YouTube.

I'm going to start with a video of a girl twerking that caught on fire.  Jimmy Kimmel, TV host, set this fake video up to demonstrate how anyone, especially the ones that set themselves on fire can have a video that goes viral.

The New Rich Are Creating HUB Websites

The Hub website model is used by all the BIG money companies like Google, Facebook, Pinterest, Airbnb, YouTube, Uber, AngiesList, Priceline, HomeAdvisor, and the list goes on, and on.

The HUB Revenue model is easy to adopt, and you can apply it to your own online business... instantly! You simply invite your visitors, or business associates to give you content, and ask them if they want you to send them leads. That's it. 

You use YouTube videos to create content, and email marketing to get traffic. 

Here are some Income Activator Hub Websites YOU Need To Check Out

Websites Are Meant To Make Money!

We all know that videos go viral all the time. To me that's not the story. The story should have been... "You don't have to set yourself on fire, or anyone else Jimmy, but you can make money from videos of people that do!"

I'm going to pick up where Jimmy left off, and tell you how to use YouTube videos to make money online. We know the girl twerking didn't make any money from this video going viral, and Jimmy didn't, but YouTube, with over 22 million views made a fortune and is still making money from this video that Jimmy uploaded to YouTube for free.

YouTube, like all big money companies, make their money from leads, by visitors completing referral forms, clicking on ads or subscribe buttons, which send leads to businesses. Plus, they also use shameless self-promotion by sending leads to themselves.

Now here's how you make money from YouTube videos.

Begin by taking these videos, and putting them on your website, and yes, it's completely okay to take YouTube videos, and put them on your website. The whole idea for putting your videos on YouTube is to get exposure.

In fact, I hope everybody watching this video takes it and puts it on their website.

When Huffington Post put the video of the girl twerking on their website, they placed AdChoices ads around it, and made money every time a visitor to their site clicked on one of these ads, sending a lead to that business.

So you can do exactly what these big money companies do. Put YouTube videos on your website, featuring other businesses, and get paid by sending leads to them. You can have a website about any topic, or industry. 

Thanks Jimmy Kimmel!    Great video!     We learned a lot!

To begin, simply decide on a topic,  create pages with YouTube videos, write about the video, include your revenue streams, and email a link to these pages to your friends, family, and business associates... then let the magic happen!

If you already have a website, you can use Income Activator's lead tracking software, sending leads to businesses you recommend.

After watching this video, you'll know all the components a website page should include. You'll know the importance of inviting your visitors to contribute content. Plus, you'll have the lead tracking software BIG money companies use.

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