Work Ethic

Work Ethiic
To make an online business into a business you must give it the hours you would give a real business.
You need to create at least a page a day to build your visitor traffic. 
News Stories: Listen to the news. If there are any stories you hear relating to your business create a new page around it. Add pictures and a video to your page. people will be searching online for more information and this will get you traffic.
SEO:  By putting up a page a day, you will train the search engines to come to your website to index it regularly. This is a huge advantage to having your pages displayed more often by the search engine for online searches.

Growth:  You need to add Google Analytics to your website to see that your visitor traffic is growing and what pages they're visiting. Then compare it to your revenue on a daily basis. Keep adjusting and building your website according to your traffic and revenue growth.
You also need to add Google's Webmaster Tools to your website and check that out on a daily basis too. This will tell you if you have any pages that the search engines can't read or if anything is corrupting your pages that needs to get fixed.
Visitor Traffic vs. Income:  It may take 3 to 6 months to start generating some real income. If you make $10 from 100 visitors, you know you could probably make $20 from 200 visitors. It's pretty much a number's game that needs to target to the right audience.
Here are over 50 ways of getting more people to your website, click here. Pick a method you enjoy doing. Don't depend on the search engines to do it all for you. It rarely happens that way. You need to self promote your website, in the same way you would an off-line business. 
Create A Daily Routine:  Have your website as your home page. Check your opt-ins and read your visitor's comments. Respond to them.
Keep them engaged. Find something interesting to send your growing list of opt-ins at least once a week. Make it viral so they will send it out to their friends, to build traffic back to your website.
The most frequent reason for failure is the failure of a daily routine. If you can't make this your job, make it your hobby and let it take over our life! 

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