The Three Types Of Links

There are 3 types of links that can improve your SEO rankings and position you as an authority site.
3 kinds of links
Internal: These are links that link to other pages within your website.
External: These are links from your website to other websites or blogs.

These are links from other websites or blogs that 'link back' to your website.

Internal Links

Internal links help the search engines as well as your visitors navigate your website with ease.
One of the benefits of internal linking is that it enhances your visitor's navigation through your website to find the information they're looking.
When you link your pages with
related keywords it further confirms to the search engines what your website is about. As a result your links will be indexed and displayed for online search traffic.  
To have your links indexed by the search engines you need to use keywords as your links.

Linking text, is sometimes called anchor text. This is the clickable text that takes your visitors to another page on your website.  
The text should always specify what you're linking to. Linking to 'Pet Astrology EBooks' is better than 'For more information, Click Here.

Don't use phrases such as 'home', 'click here' and/or 'read more.'  Avoid these phrases and use keyword rich linking text instead.

This includes linking to pages on your own website as well as linking to other websites.

Google reads your linked text and uses it to understand what you're linking to and then indexes it for online search traffic.

External Links

eternal linking brings trafficExternal links send your visitors from your website to another website.
This provides you with the ability to give your visitor access to additional information from an outside resource. You should link to credible websites resources such as Wikipedia where visitors read more, but not be tempted to leave your website and go there.
When linking to other websites, you will want to have the link open up in a new window. This way your visitor remains on your website. When they're finished, they can simply close the window.
Sending Traffic To Another Website  When you link to other websites or blogs, they will be able to track where this visitor traffic is coming from and they may return the favour and provide you with a link that sends their traffic to your website as well.
SEO Your Pages  Make sure when you're creating a page on your website, that your 'Page Address' in your Income Activator content editor has keywords that describe what your page is about. This way when other sites link to your page, the search engines know what your page is about and will give it a higher index rating for online searches.


A Backlink is a link on another website that leads to your website.

Backlinks are important for SEO as search engines like Google consider them as outside proof, if other websites are linking to your website, your website is worth displaying for online searches.

Getting Backlinks: You can't make a backlink from another website to yours, however there are things you can do to makes the owners of websites and blogs want to link to your website.
Articles: You can write online articles and put links in them to your website pages that you're referring to. You can also add a link to any similar articles you have written on the topic.
You can also put your backlinks in social bookmarking sites and blogs as well as putting them as your signature in niche related forums.

Social Media:  Social media sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter,,, and your YouTube channel, you can post your backlinks for people to click on to get to your website. The most popular sites that are linked to are classed as 'authority sites' by search engines and have very high page rankings.

Blogs:  Find blogs on a similar or relevant topic and add your comments to it. At the end of your comment add a backlink to your own site. Make sure the comment is constructive and relevant, you don't want to seem like a spammer, but a trusted authority on your subject.

Find a blog that's similar or complementary to what you do, and offer to write a guest blog with a unique perspective or spin that would be interesting to their readers. The quality of visitors linking from this to your website is often much higher.
Websites You Can Submit Your Website To Generate Backlinks: You can submit your website or articles to these websites to capture visitor traffic.
Make sure you post a comment that is relevant to the reader and don't appear as a spammer.
Removing Bad Backlinks

Websites linking to your website that are unrelated or are considered Black Hat website can hurt your SEO rankings.

You can see who these websites are in your Google Analytics
If you have links you don't want, contact the site owner and ask them to remove them. Most will, but of course some you won't get a hold of and can't do much about.

You can also use Google's Disavow Tool.

How To Create Links On Your Website

1. Highlight the Text you want to link with your mouse.
To link a picture, all you do is left click on the picture. You will see that your mouse has selected the image.

2Click the 'Insert Hyperlink' button shown below in your content editor. This icon looks like a small chain.

Remember: The text should always specify what you're linking to. Linking Pet Astrology eBooks is better than For more information; click Here.

Enter In The Website Address You Want Linked To

1. A window will pop up, right click in the 'Url:' field at the top.

2. Click 'Paste' to paste the website address you copied earlier.

Select How You Want The Page Your linking To Displayed

1. When linking to another website, you should always open in the link in a new window.
This means that the website you linked to will open up in a new window and your visitor will remain on your website.
To do this, from the 'Target' dropdown menu, click on 'New Window'
If you are linking to a page within your website and want your visitor to be sent to that page select 'Not Set' from the Target dropdown menu. 
2. Click the 'OK' button.
Breaking The Link 
If you want to disable the link, you can delete it or highlight it with your mouse and click on the icon that looks like a 'Broken Chain.' You will see that the text is no longer in blue type and underlined.

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