Where Referral Taxes Show Up

You can charge your referral companies taxes on the payments they send you for your leads. You'll be able to see the taxes on the Revenue By Company page and your company will see them on the invoice generated by Income Activator. The screenshots below show you where they are.

Remember: Your taxes will only be charged to companies who have a country and province location entered AND you've added taxes that apply to that country and province.

Revenue By Company Page

Taxes:  When you click on a company to view the revenue, you'll see how much tax is applied to each of your referral programs.

Invoice Sent To Referral Company

1. Invoice Taxes:  The taxes will show up here on the invoice you generate. To generate this invoice; go to the Revenue By Company page, then click on a company, then select a date range and click on the 'View or Print Invoice' link.

How To Add Taxes

You need to add taxes for each province and country that your referral companies are located in. For example, if you have a referral company in Ontario, Canada you'll need to add a tax that applies to Ontario, Canada. If you have another company in Quebec, Canada, you'll need to add another tax that applies to Quebec, Canada.

1. Tax Name:  Enter the name of the tax, or a way to describe it. Example: 'HST'. Your visitors and customers will not see this.

2. Tax Rate:  Enter the tax rate, as a percent.

3. Country:  Select the country that this tax applies to.

4. Province:  Select the province that this tax applies to.

5. Click on the 'Insert' button to add your Tax. It will then go into the table on the right, where you can edit it.

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