Income Activator Offers 2 Affiliate Programs

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1. Income Website & TV Show Spotlight Affiliate Program

Affiliate Revenue $360, per sale, annually. 100 sales earns you $36,000 annually.

Everyone needs a Website that allows you to create an Online Income & TV  Show Spotlight promoting your Online Business! You get to promote the Best Income Website Builder that comes with its own TV Show Spotlight

When someone registers  for their Income Website & TV Show Spotlight for $720 annually, you're paid 50%,  or $360, upon registration, and  on renewals too!


The Income Activator Website Subscription gives you a pre-built website saving you the time & money. This means you do not have to spend your valuable time creating pages, adding forms, and setting up auto-responders.

It includes hosting, and all revenue software (e-commerce store, membership software, pay-per-click tracking  & lead tracking software).

You also receive videos on how to edit your website, and marketing videos on how to get visitor traffic to your website and converting that traffic into revenue.


You get a 5-minute TV Show Spotlight that live streams on Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Chromecast, Google Play, Roku TV and Android TV.  

Here, you can tell the world who you are, and what your online business has to offer! 

This gives you a potential audience of over 50 million households! This is being offered to you in partnership with

 Note:  When you listen to this video it gives TV Show Costs. These costs do not apply to you. Your 5 minute TV Show Spotlight is free with your Income Activator Annual Subscription.

2. We Empower You Membership Affiliate Program
Affiliate Revenue $800, per sale, annually. 100 sales earns you $80,000 annually.

This Membership gives the entrepreneur everything they need to have a successful online busines. They get an Income Website, TV  Show Spotlight, Branding, Sponsors, Media Contacts & Weekly Montoring.

When someone registers  for their We Empower You Membership for $1599 annually, you're paid 50%,  or $800, upon registration, and  on renewals too!

The We EmPOWER You Membership is a BUSINESS IN A BOX, and gives the entrepreneurs;

1.  Income Activator's Income Website & Hosting.
2.  TV Show Spotlight, live streaming on Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Chromecast, Google Play, Roku TV and Android TV.  Audience of 50 million viewers.
3.  Top Branding Strategies tells you the emotions, colors & copying writing to use.
4.  Sponsor Contacts & Sponsorship Package Template.
5.  Media Contacts for 800 Radio Talk Shows, with audiences up to 100,000.
6. Weekly Mentoring & Networking Zoom Meetings, with like-minded entrepreneurs.
(Details Outlined Below)

Income Activator, in partnership with We EmPOWER Your Lifeallows you to create instant & annual income by simply by introducing people to the We EmPOWER You Membership.

Branding Made Easy

You don't have to guess what your Brand is, the Admanity branding Report tells you the exact emotions, colors, copying writing & strategies you need for your brand's success.


Get Sponsored For $1,000, $10,000, $25,000, $50,000 or $100,000 Annually. This is money you don't have t pay back!
You get a list of 500 Corporate Sponsor contacts. Plus, a Sponsorship Package Template that walks you through the steps to creating your sponsorship package.

Media Contacts

Receive 400 of the Top Radio Talk Show Contacts and get LIVE ON AIR. These Radio talk Shows have proven listening audiences between 50,000 and 100,000 listeners.


Weekly Zoom Marketing & Mentoring Meetings

Our Best Marketing and Revenue Strategies by industry experts are presented every Wednesday at 3 pm PST.
You also receive Mentoring, plus you're invited to Network with others and make your own business connections
mentoring meetings

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