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Every year Medical Science spends billions of dollars in a desperate search for the cure or cures for cancer.

Yet despite the use of increasingly expensive and dangerous technology and drugs we never seem to get any closer to sparing Mankind from are most deadly and dreaded disease.

It is possible that the answer to our prayers about treating cancer has been available to us along a gift from nature hidden in the life-giving properties of certain plants that grow wild all over North America?

The answer is yes!

For more than 50 years Renee Cassie, a nursing Canada, successfully treated thousands of  cancer patients with a simple herbal formula that was discovered and first used long ago by the Indians.

Renee Cassie Brut the herbs into a tea that she called Essiac and many of her patients swore by the healing and pain relief powers.

This is the story of Renee Cassie.

Renee Cassie Cure

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