Essiac Tea (Se-Kret Formula) 3 Week Supply

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Essiac Tea is formulated from a combination of four brewed herbs that interact to have an amazing healing effect on the body.

These herbs; bloodroot, slippery elm, burdock, and sheep-sorrel all contain potent healing properties.

Along with the four herbs, this Essiac Tea, has an additional Se-Kret combination of additional herbs, minerals, and vitamins, that act synergistically to provide the body with what it needs to jump start its healing process.

The original Essiac Tea formula was created by Rene Caisse, given to Dr. Gary Glum, and is distributed by Holly Healing Tea.

Holly Healing Tea upholds the highest standards of quality when preparing the formula.

The harvesting time, drying methods, and purity of all herbs are strictly regulated.
Don't be fooled by other products that claim to be the original Essiac formula, they are not!

This product provides a 21 Day Supply of the Essiac Tea with its Se-kret formula.
Please note: 3 months is the recommended time needed to jump start your body's natural healing process.

You'll receive the tea, and preparation instructions. This product is made by Holly Healing Tea, in the USA.

If you have questions please email Robert King, president of Holly Healing Tea, at

Thank You & Enjoy Your Good Health!


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