What is crowdfunding?

            The Art Of Asking

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Crowdfunding is a way for people anywhere to use the Internet to find and contribute to projects and products they find interesting and believe in.

It’s being used to raise seed money for socially responsible start-ups,
to supply microcredit in the developing world, to finance films, music and books, and even to collect campaign contributions.

It’s the solution to an old challenge that entrepreneurs and most creative people face… attracting money to support their venture, idea or product.

This is money that you never have to repay.

But, in order to succeed at this new, innovative and amazing fundraising phenomenon, you have to have a plan and learn some success strategies.

If you're serious about raising Crowd Funding, you need to know how to do it.

Join Crowd Funding Live and you will be taken through, step-by-step the landscape, given expert direction, and shown successful campaigns to help you create a masterful fundraising launch to attain your goal.



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