Be Sponsored For $10,000, $25,000, $50,000 or $100,000 Annually.

For questions, please feel free to call Lee Romanov at 949-545-4211.

Any business can have sponsors. Plus, it's free money and it increases the credibility of your businesses. You can get sponsors if you are a start up, kitchen table top entrepreneur or have a full fledged business.

STOP looking for Angel Investors. Instead, look for Angel Sponsor, as they're interest is in your vision NOT in you paying them back with interest. For less than a month's rent you can create a 'tried and true' Sponsorship Proposal and know who to contact, in top level corporations, that can sponsor your business for thousands of dollars annually. 

Sponsorships bring 3rd party recommendations which increasing their sales up to 40% higher than ads. Corporate sponsorships have increased over 100% since 2000. Sponsorships give companies a better return on their investment than spending money on ads.  

What Your Sponsorship Package Includes 

1. Company List of Sponsors
You receive 500 companies, contact names and phone numbers that do sponsorships.  This list can cost as high as $6,000.00. 

Most of these corporations are internationally based. You are given the category types (i.e. Banks, Nutrition, Airlines, Retail,  Financial, etc.) and their contacts that handle sponsorship funding. If you are not from the US, simply ask for the representative to contact in your country. 

2.  Sponsorship Package Template
This Sponsorship Package Template has a track record of getting sponsors like; Microsoft, Staples, FedEx, Marriott Hotels, South West Airlines, and others.  DO NOT find a sponsorship package online as you don't know if that sponsorship package has been rejected several times. You can't afford to risk it.

The Sponsorship Template tells you what to add where. Plus, there is a video that walks you through the steps to creating your sponsorship package. If you get stuck, you simply call Lee Romano at 949 545-4211 to will help clarify what needs to be done.

3. Cover Letter / Email 
This is the pitch letter to help your sponsorship proposal get past the 'gate keepers.'

4. Telephone Intro
This telephone script gives you a guideline on how to talk to your sponsor over the phone to get a meeting.

Every Business Should Have Their Own Sponsorship Package

get your sponsorship packageFor less than the cost of a nice jacket, you could have your business sponsored for thousands of dollars annually!

The cost of this package is $1,599.00

Why A Company Would Sponsor You

sponsorship money

• Increase brand loyalty
• Create awareness and visibility
• Change / reinforce image
• Drive retail traffic
• Grow customer base
• Open up a desirable geographic territory
• Showcase community responsibility
• Sample and display brand attributes
• Entertain clients
• Attract new customers
• Thank old customers
• Merchandising opportunities
• Create customer loyalty
• Drive sales  
• Putting a friendly face on the company
• Be known as a good corporate citizen
• Forge new links with opinion leaders
• To be on your advisory board if you have influential opinion leaders
• Reward top salespeople
• Narrowcasting - A company can hone in on a niche market
• Recruit and retain employees – events are used as perks for employees
• Demonstrate category leadership
• Open new channels of distribution
• Incentives to retailers, dealers and distributors
• Opportunity to test a new product or service
• To make people aware of a line extension
• Chance to tell the public about a lesser known part of the company
• Damage control
• Identification with a particular lifestyle
• Enhance commitment to a demographic or ethnic group
• Direct connections with target market

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