Step 1 - Register A Domain Name 

Your Domain Name is like your telephone number for your website.

When your domain name is typed into a internet browser's address bar, your website comes up.

Some popular domain names are, and

To register for your domain name we recommend GoDaddy.

For more information on choosing the right domain name click here.

Step 2 - Change Your Domain's Nameservers

Once you've registered a 'Domain Name' with GoDaddy or with another registrar you need to change your domain's nameservers.

To do this, go to the company you registered your Domain Name with enter these 2 name servers to your domain name:

Nameserver 1:
Nameserver 2:

You can call GoDaddy to get help doing this at 1 (866) 938-1119, or go to "Manage Domains" and click on your domain name to change the nameservers.

Step 3 - Request Your Domain Name Connection

Once you've changed your domain's nameservers fill out the form below and we will connect your Income Activator account to your website.

How Long? After submitting the form your website will be online and visible to people within 48 hours.

Additional Domain Names?  If you've registered additional Domain Names for your website, simply have your registrar 'point' those domain names to your main domain name which you are attaching to your Income Activator website.

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