Your Domain Name Is Your Website's Name

Your Domain Name is like your telephone number for your website. 

Address Bar: When your domain name is typed into a computer's address bar your website comes up.   

You will also see extensions at the end of your domain name. These extensions identify the various pages of your website.

This is known as your URL or Page Address.

Your website page addresses will include sections like

http:// :  http:// when added in front of your domain name automatically becomes a link to your website.       

Use the http:// when writing an article and adding your domain name to it, as it creates a link to your website. This way when your article is published on other websites readers can click on your URL and are linked back to your website.

4049:  Shows your page ID number.
Every Income Activator page has it's own page ID number that you can enter in the search box when when you want to edit it.

Contact-Us.htm:  Here you describe what your page is about, using keywords, so the search engines can index it for online searches. In this example it's the 'Contact Us' page.  

Domain Names You Should Consider Buying

You have one main Domain Name for your website, however you can have as many website domain names as you wish pointing to your main Domain name.

This way you can have different domains name you use for different types of promotions. For example, if your main domain name is, you may wish to have other domain names such as, and either pointing to your main domain name or to other pages on your website.

All domain names have extensions like .com, .ca, .us, .info and there are many more. To view other available extensions click here.
Try to get a .com extension as it's the most mainstream. Most people that hear a domain name generally naturally enter in a .com extension. Plus. . . no one ever got rich selling a .net exchange.

4 Tips When Buying A Domain Name 
1. Keyword Enriched: You will want to have a 'long tailed keyword enriched' domain name to help generate visitor traffic. Here's Why.

2. Your Name: Register your own name as a domain name so no one uses your name for their own benefit. Here's Why.

3. Be Memorable: Have a memorable domain name that's easy for someone to type in to find your site. Here's Why.

Your Country: Have your domain name in your country extension. (i.e. Canada is .ca, United States is .us, United Kingdom is Here's a listing of exchanges and their meanings.

How To Register A Domain Name

You need to go to a company that registers domain names.
We recommend

Many domain names are already taken so be patient . . .

Like in this video, many times, the Computer Says No.

To see if your domain name selections are available, and to register them, go to

Warning: DO NOT pay more than $15.00 per year for a domain name.

You have everything you need for hosting with the Income Activator program.

What if your name has been taken?!?!?

If your name has been taken, try to get a variance of your name, i.e. or

You can also pay GoDaddy a fee to inform you should that domain name become available.

You can find out who owns Your Name by going to:

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