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people don’t realize how it easy to generate revenue in an hour a day.

You should be adding a page to your website every day with great content about your topic or niche market.

This should take you an hour a day. This will be a huge factor is becoming an authority in your field that people go to for information and someone people can trust.

The content you add can be found on other websites and rewritten. You should never plagiarize or use content that is duplicated somewhere else because Google loves original content and ignores duplicated content that it's found in more than one place.

Your Ideal Page Structure

Your page must include a short article, list, or content with relevant keywords about your topic. Google and other search engines need content to know what your page is about.

Your page should always contain a video because Google favours pages with videos on them and will display them above pages without videos in the results. You don’t have to create your own video, you can find useful videos on YouTube and embed them into your page.

This page, and every page on your website should have an opt-in form where people can sign up to your mailing list.

And finally, you need to add Google AdSense ads to your website.

The Process

You need to put up a page a day with content, a video, and Google ads.

You need to send an email to your mailing list with a link to your page. You can use Income Activator’s email marketing service to send out your emails. As people read your content and watch your video, they will click on your Google ads.

New visitors who find you through searches will opt-in to your mailing list.

You then simply repeat this process the next day, growing your mailing list and making money.

What You Need

You need a website you control that you can quickly update yourself. Income Activator can help you with this and is ready to go.

Once you've established yourself with good pages, content, and Google ads you can begin to create your own pay per click and lead generation referrals with Income Activator and send leads to your own advertisers.

Ready to get started? Register for an Income Activator website.

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