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Formula To Making Making Money Online 

When you get your own pay per click ads, and put them on your own website, around your own content, you can get paid when a visitor to your site clicks on these ads.

You can register, for free, with Google AdSense to get your own pay per click ads. Google pays you 68% of what the advertiser pays them every time one of your visitors clicks on an ad.

There's a company that does this beautifully,

I recommend you subscribe to receive their emails, carefully watch what they do,  and copy their model using your own Income Activator website.

You can add pay per click ads to any website platform, but you can't grow into sending qualified leads to companies your recommend as these other website platforms don't have the software you need to do this.

Only Income Activator's website platform includes the software you need to send leads to companies your recommend.

If you already have a website, you can embed Income Activator's lead tracking software into your own website of blog, to create lead revenue. You can set your own rates and your invoices are automatically created for you for billing.

Sending leads companies that pay you is where the opportunity for you to create real online wealth is. I highly recommend you listen to the video Why We Aren't All Internet Millionaires & Internet Emperors! 

The more pages you have, the more visitors you will get, and the more money you will make.

You will also need to combine this with your own email marketing campaign, sending interesting stuff to people, where they click to your website to get this information, and while they are there, they can click on your pay per ads, making you even more money. 

This work best, when you focus your website on a topic or niche market.

Focus – 5 Second Rule

You have 5 seconds for your visitor to find what they’re looking for on your website or they’ll leave. Make your message clear. Try using a picture to do this.

Revenue Stream

Your visitor's action must lead them into your revenue stream. Every visitor is important and should make you money. Walk away from people who boast about high traffic volumes, but cannot convert their visitor traffic into revenue.

Online Searches + Advertising + Promotions

You need to know why people are coming to your website, and what they’re searching for to get there, or you won’t know what to offer them.  Look at you Google Analytics every day to compare your traffic to your revenue.

Decide On Your Main Search Term

Don't make your search term to broad i.e. 'Slippers' as there is too much competition and you'll be unlikely to capture this search traffic.

Focus on a 'Niche Market' i.e. 'Fuzzy Pink Slippers' to capture the search traffic that mainstream companies don’t go after. Google won’t show a website on 'Slippers' ahead of 'Fuzzy Pink Slippers' when the search term is ‘Fuzzy Pink Slippers’.

Your Home Page Needs An Immediate Call-To-Action

Read the front page of your website as if you were answering a phone call. Would the caller be confused about your offer? If so they will probably confused about your online offer.

Understand How people Use The Internet

people search online for information, then they look for recommendations.  

Revenue: 1% may buy from you. But up to 40% may follow your recommendations, where you can make money from these leads.

If you're selling a $10 product, and 100 people go to your website, you'll earn $10.

If you're sending $10 leads to companies, and 100 people go to your website, you'll earn $400.

Formula To Making Money Online

purple bearker glass1.  Identify your Main Search Term people would use to get to your website.

2.   Create Content from related search terms that support your Main Search Term.

3.  Monetize your pages by sending leads to companies that pay you through Pay Per Click Links, Referrals, and Affiliates.

A website page should contain content related to your main search term, a picture, a video, and opt-in form capturing the visitor’s name and email address.

Rinse, Wash & Repeat – It’s A Numbers Game

The more pages you have, the more traffic you’ll get, the more money you’ll make.

Daily Routine – An Hour A Day

Add 1 page, and send out 1 email, per day to your opt-in list that links back to your new page, which is monetized by pay per click links, referrals, and affiliate links.

Opt-In Form 

Give people a compelling reason to opt-in to your form, and why they would want emails from you, daily.


Email things to people that they would want to receive, and be inclined to send to their friends.

For example:  Thought of The Day, Funny Videos, Stock Tips, Health Advice, Breaking News, Stress Relief, How To Be Happy.

Making Money Online 

Pay Per Click

You can make $1,000+ per month using this formula, with Google AdSence ads, when you send out an email a day to a new page on your website that includes a viral YouTube video.

Lead Generation

You can make $5,000+ per month using this formula, when you send out an email a day to a new page on your website that includes a viral YouTube video and includes a referral form with a company paying you per lead.

Websites that refer leads to lawyers can be very profitable. Lawyers can pay Google, per click, over $200. Here's a demo website  that shows you how leads are sent to law firms.

Even if you have low traffic volumes, it works. Insurance leads can pay up to $40 per lead.

Directory Referrals 

Make $10,000+ per month using this formula, when you send out an email a day to a new page on your website that includes a viral YouTube video and includes a referral form with multiple companies paying you at the same time, per lead.  

Here are some examples of websites where 1 lead goes to multiple companies:,

These companies that receive leads... bid for business. If you have low traffic volumes, you can still make money from Directory Referrals. For example,  if you have 10 referral companies, all paying you $10 per lead, you make $100 per lead.

Top 10 Revenue Streams

Here's more about 
Income Activator's 10 revenue streams

Trading Facebook DRAMA for Dollars!

Stop adding you content to social media companies like Facebook. They are getting you to work for free, and they're making money by sending leads to companies, NOT you! 

Be Aware
Walk away from people who have only made money online by selling people on how to make money online.

Walk away from website builders that don’t have any revenue models, or where you have to keep paying more for add-ons.

To Begin

Complete the form to your top right to get your to get your ready-to-go website which includes hosting and online support.
Your only cost is $60 per month, providing you with continuous upgrades as technology is constantly changing.

Add-On Revenue Streams

You can also use Income Activator's Pay Per Click, Lead Generation, and Referral programs as an add-on to your exiting website. Here's our WordPress Plugin.

You're always telling your visitors and clients where to go... it's time you get paid for it! 

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