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1. Your Home Page comes with an opt-in form to collect your visitor names, email addresses, and comments. 

Your website includes an email messaging service which allows you to do email marketing to your opt-ins.

You should continuously provide them with good information while including links to companies that pay you. 

You can incorporate your social media feeds such as Facebook and Twitter directly into your website too. 

There is also an example of Google pay per click ads at the bottom of the page. All you do is register for free to Google AdSense and replace these ads with your own.

2. Your Articles & Video Index comes with examples of Google pay per click ads, 2 example articles, and an opt-in form. 

Your article pages are where you add your content. You also have the option of allowing your visitors to add their comments too. 

The more pages you create, the more pages the search engines like Google index for online searches, and the more visitors you'll get. The more visitors you get, the more revenue you generate when your ads are clicked on. 

3. Your Online Store comes with 4 affiliate product examples. The first 2 are from LinkShare and the second 2 are from ClickBank. All you do is register for free to these consolidators to find products to sell.

4. Your Recommended Resources Page comes with an Income Activator affiliate link that pays you $60 every time your visitor gets their own Income Activator website. 

It has an example of a pay per click link that you can switch to a company you would personally recommend that would pay you for the clicks. 

It also has an example of a referral form where you can add a company you recommend that would pay you for the lead and your visitor's information would be sent to them. Plus, there are Google ads too that generate revenue.

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