Your Cell Phone Is Your Income Stream!

NOW run a business through your cell phone and make money by sending leads to businesses you recommend. Turn your advice into income!  You're always giving your advice away for free, directing people to businesses that can help them.  STOP giving your leads away for free!

Cost Per Lead

You and the business you're sending leads to simply decide on a fair cost per lead. You can start at $5 or $50, it's your choice.

sending leads to businesses

The Plan

The next time someone gives you their business card, ask them; "Would you like me to send you leads?"  

When they say, "Yes"  tell them that you can include them in your Business Directory on your website for Free. They only pay a few dollars when someone completes a Referral Form to contact them. 
You can even send leads through your cell phone! 

lee Romanov lead expertI sent $5 leads to businesses and averaged $50,000.00 per month. That's why I was able to build this lead tracking software for you, so you can do it too! Your lead software comes with your Income Activator website registration. Simply complete the form to the right.

Do The Math

happy online leadsMost people in business spend at least $1000.00 per month advertising either through Google, Facebook, newspaper ads, etc., and they're never guaranteed anyone will contact them, or are given any contact information to follow up on. 

If they agree to pay you $5 per lead, for $1,000 they'd get 200 people completing a Referral Form to connect with them and get the person's contact information too.  Plus, leads sent through Referral Forms have a 40% higher close ratio!    

How Referral Forms Work

When someone completes your Referral Form, they're directed to the advertiser's website, and the lead has been made.

In addition, both the business, and visitor are emailed each other's contact information. You'll also receive an email saying, "You just made money from your Business Directory!"

The lead is tracked, and the invoice is automatically created. As more leads are sent, they're automatically added to your invoice. You can bill the advertiser weekly, or monthly, it's your choice. You can also use the billing method of your choice. E-Transfer, PayPal, Your Merchant Account, etc.

Lead Websites

Directory Website: Use your Business Card Collection to set up a Directory Website for the city you live in.

Sending One Lead To One Business: Here's an example of a Referral Form sending leads to a Wedding Planner in New York.

Sending One Lead To Multiple Businesses: 
Here's an example of a Referral Form sending one lead to 10 businesses at a time.  You can send one lead to as many businesses as you wish at once.

When you send 10 businesses, one lead, and each business pays you $10 per lead, that's $100 per lead for you!

Get Rich from leadsHere's a complimentary copy of my book;
GET RICH... By Telling people Where To Go...

Create Your Own Directory
Sending leads to the professional services you use, i.e. Law Firms

Complete the form  to see the law firm's website embedded in the Income Activator website. 

The advantage of embedding a referral website within your Income Activator website is that your visitor is not kicked off your website like they are with pay- per-click ads.

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