Torstar has had many historical milestones, and the purchase of Lee Romanov's referral business was one of them.
Tostar owns several other properties such companies as the Toronto Star newspaper, Harlequin books, and Shop TV.

In 1994, Lee Romanov created the first business in North America that sent leads to insurance companies that paid for referrals.
Companies that followed were Progressive Insurance, and Kanetix. In 2012 Kanetix purchased for 7 million

Sending leads to companies that pay for referrals is one of the most profitable revenue models, and used by companies worldwide. 

In 2008 
Torstar hired Lee Romanov as a consultant, and later created a department focused on creating referral revenue.

Lee Romanov, president of, is a website builder that anyone can use to make money through lead generation.
IncomeActivator is a website builder with over 10 revenue models, including pay per click and referral programs that track leads and creates invoices.

Income Activator's referral software can be added to any website or blog to generate online revenue.  

Torstar History 


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