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Your Income Activator Website Builder comes with a fully functional online e-commerce store. 

Your online store can feature an unlimited number of products, services, and affiliate products too.

In addition, you can create your own Affiliate Tracking Links, with your own commission rates, and allow others to sell your products and services.  

Plus, you can add your online store to any, and all pages of your website.

Income Activator's Store uses this software to sell $1000s of dollars worth of product lines.

Optional : You also have a ready to go Office Supply Store to sell.  All payments and shipping are done for you and you receive up to a 15% commission on every sale!

free e-commerce store 

Adding Products

You can easily create product categories, upload your own pictures, and videos, do your own descriptions, and create your own pricing. Your online store calculates shipping, takes payments, charges tax, and sends the customer an invoice. Plus, you can easily view your sales, and sale's history.

SEO Your Products

You can optimize (SEO) each of your products for the search engines to index, to be displayed to people doing online searches. 

free ebook templates

Digital Products

You also get our award winning digital & e-book templates to create your own courses and eBooks to sell on your online store.  

When selling digital products, like eBooks, upon purchase, your online store automatically emails your customer a link to click on to download their purchase.

Payment Options

All popular merchant companies are represented, so you can easily use your own Merchant Account, PayPal, Stripe and do E-Transfers too.  If you have special requests, it can be programmed into the store software.

Shipping & Taxes

You can ship your products using UPS, United Sates Postal Services, or Canada Post Shipping. If you have special requests, it can be programmed into the store shipping software. You can also customize your shipping rates, or do flat rate shipping quotes. 

Your online store can calculate taxes when selling products to any country, province, or state. 

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