Things People Say To Get Sponsors

These are all good points BUT if you say them, you have to PROVE them.
These will be the question sponsors will ask.

1. Logobored sponsor on banners, press releases, promotional materials and on-site booth. 

Who will see my logo?

What other logos will be there?

Will there be clutter?

2. Event will endeavor to publicize sponsor’s involvement.

What does this mean?

Who will it be publicized to?

What are their buying habits?

Where will it be publicized?

3. Positive public awareness.

What does this mean, exactly?

4. Sponsor will get media exposure.

What media?

What is the circulation, viewers, listeners?

What are their demographics?
It’s about achieving the sponsor’s goals.  Get Your Sponsor Package Here...

Society is very receptive to cause-related marketing by companies. 80% of sponsors believe it’s good for companies like yours to support causes.

Receptivity to cause-related marketing is greatest among those most likely to make key purchasing decisions: women (84%), parents of young children (81%) and individuals (81%).
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