To make money online you need the right revenue streams in place and visitor traffic.

This video gives you great ideas on how to save your money and make you money.

You will discover;

1.  How you can get free revenue software rather than buying it.

2. The marketing strategies used by big money companies.

3. What you can to today to increase your visitor traffic for free.

Most website owners struggle to make money online because they don't have access to the same software the big money companies do.   90% of big money companies make money by sending leads to businesses that pay them.

They don't base their revenue on affiliate programs where they're paid only if a visitor purchases a product or pays for a service.

Another mistake website owners do is use a third party pay per click ads.  

You need to get your own advertisers.  All third-party pay-per-click ads do is give you a small percentage of the click revenue and the algorithms to see if you're really getting what you should be getting are either too complicated, too hard to decipher, or you don't have access to it.

To actually make money online you need to get a website platform like Income Activator with all the revenue software included where you can start sending leads to your own advertisers.

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