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Your Online Store 

Before applying to companies represented by either Link Share or Commission Junction get your website up and looking professional, or you may not be accepted.

Put up your sales pages to create a store like environment, showing you're serious about selling online.

You may want to first apply to companies you don't care about being accepted by to become comfortable with the application process.

Once accepted, put up some of their products using your online store. This will show that you've been accepted by other companies to sell their products online.

This will go a long way to being accepted by the companies you really want to sell for. Learn more about Income Activator's Online Store

How Affiliates Track Sales

When you become an affiliate to sell a company's product or service, you're given an affiliate tracking link that tracks your sales. A tracking link, tracks the visitors that click from your website to the affiliate's website and tacks your sales.

You simply copy this tracking link into your website. Your Income Activator rep helps you do this for Free.

You are usually given a selection of banners, pictures or text with the tracking Link embedded inside.

Many tracking links keep your visitor's IP Address. This identifies where the person came from and is kept by the affiliate company for a select period of time, usually 2 to 6 months. If you can, you should always ask for the IP address to be kept as long as possible. This way, if the person returns at a later date to purchase, that sale is still attributed to you. 

When you click on the blue type, above the picture, you're taken to a Click Bank product.

The link that takes you to the product for sale and tracks which website you came from as well as the sale. When you become an affiliate partner, you're given a login and password where you can view your sales.

Many affiliate companies will send you a check when your sales reach a certain dollar value.

Network Marketing & Sales Incentives

Create Your Own Affiliate Network 

You can create a network of companies to sell your products for you. Simply find complimentary businesses that communicate with their client base either through emails or newsletters and ask if they would be interested in promoting your product and sharing in the commission earned.

Use Free Products To Sell Products

You can find products for free online, and use them as sales incentives to give extra value to your product.

This way your offer will be better than another offer for the same product.

Here's an example using Free Screen Savers, to sell an eBook. 

EBooks can also be used as a free product give-a-way. To find eBooks to sell, Google 'eBook Resell.' Plus, here's a website where you can buy eBooks for only 31 cents!

Your Income Activator program shows you how to create your own eBook to sell online.

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