Sean Aiken - 52 Jobs In 52 Weeks

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At some point you will look deep inside yourself and ask... what do I want to do in my life? 

To find out...
Sean Aiken created a one week job project.

52 Jobs In 52 Weeks

He concluded that it doesn't matter what you do in life, as long as your passionate about it!

The people that are the most passionate about their work are the ones that are connected to the meaning of it.

They contribute their gifts and the world is made better for it. It's what makes you come alive? 

Connect To Your Life's Work

No longer is our work something we simply endure, our work is becoming ever more connected to our life's work. 

It's Time 

Give yourself permission to explore your gifts.
You have this moment right now to decide to
start living your passion.

Your Income Activator website allows you to take decisive actions to get your greatest work, your passion, out to the world.  

Your Life's Purpose 

Before you go, check this video out!
5 Questions To Discovering Your Life's Purpose

Lee Romanov Internet Expert On Passion

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