Have All Your Revenue Stream On Your Website

Many website owners put up websites with no revenue models in mind other than 'Call Us' action.    income topics

What NOT To Do

To the left is an example of a website's home page directing their visitors off their website to YouTube, where YouTube can make money from pay-per-click and referral form leads.

Problem 1
No call to action. This website owner is not giving their visitor traffic and action that will generate them revenue.

Problem 2
No online revenue streams. No online store selling their products. No sending leads to companies they recommend. For example, they could be making referral revenue sending their visitor traffic to wedding planners.

Problem 3
No home page form collecting visitor names and email addresses. They will never know who visited their site and will never be able to email them their promotions.

Income Activator's Website Builder

In contrast, with Income Activator's Website Builder you start with a ready-to-go website with everything included. You get an online store, and lead tracking software. Here you can have a secondary source of income,  where you can refer you visitors to businesses that align with your topic and pay you for the leads.

Your leads are automatically tracked and invoiced through your Income Activator website builder.
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Forms & Auto-Responders

Income Activator's Website Builder also includes forms that collect your visitors names, and email addresses, so you can send messages to them using Income Activator's Email Messaging service.creating an online income

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) & Editing

In addition, you make your own edits as easily as you can type and do your own  SEO capturing search traffic.

Your Income Activator website builder puts you in control of your website. You can add your own content without needing a webmaster to do it for you. You can also activate your own revenue streams in the comfort of your own home without it costing you any additional money to do it

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