Alison Ledgerwood Talks About
"The Good" That Happened Today

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Why do failures seem to stick around in our heads much longer than our successes? 

Do our minds get stuck in the negatives?

Research shows that it's harder to shift from a bad mentality to a good mentality.

In other words, when you see the glass have empty, it's harder to shift, and see the glass half full. 

What this means is you have to work at seeing the upside of things.

The good news is when you are aware of this, you can train your mind to do it. 

In fact, if you simply write the things you're happy about each day, that can be enough to switch from a negative way of thinking to a positive way of thinking.

Write About What Makes You Happy  

When you write about what makes you happy you will become happier.

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It's Time 

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