How Leads Work - Also see Section 19 of the Manual

You cam make money by sending leads to companies that pay you. This is called a Referral Program. The steps below and video walks you through the set up process.

To set up your Referral Program you need to create a;

1.  Company Profile
2.  Program Title
3.  Advertiser's Landing Page - Referral Co's Contact Info, example.
4.  Referral Form - Tracking leads, example.
5.  Advertiser's Page - Co's Page Description, example.
6.  Directory Page - Link to Co's Page Description, example.

For more details on how to set up Referral Programs, click here.

Company Profile - Video Reference 2 min. mark

1. Go to Referrals on your top bar, from the drop down menu select Referral Companies. 

2. Add in your Referral Company Name. You can add in additional information too.

Add referral company

How To Show Your Referral Company's Login Link On Your Website's Bottom Bar

login link

account settingsTo make the Referral Company's Login link show on your websites bottom bar;

Click on your Top Bar entitled Accounts,
Select Account Settings,
Check the box entitled Show Referral Login,
Scroll to the bottom & click the Update button.

Program Title - Video Reference 2:56 min. mark
This is where your give your Referral Program a Title & Cost Per Lead.
To be paid, make sure you have agreed to a payment method with the company you are sending leads to.
You may wish to get their credit card in advance or take payments through PayPal.

rate set up

Advertiser/Referral Co's Landing Page (Contact Info) - Video Reference 3:15 min. mark
This is the page your visitor is sent to after they complete the Referral Form and click on the Submit Button.
Click to view an example of the Referral Company's Landing page.
NOTE: You can also create additional filters and trigger questions on this page too. 

embedding a referral website


Create A Referral Form - Video Reference 4:58 min. mark
This form tracks your leads and your invoices are automatically created.
Click to view and example of the Referral Form.

create a referral form

This is where you create your Referral Form's questions.
You can create whatever questions you want that will provide the best qualified lead to your referral company.

creating form

Your Email Notification - Video Reference 6:51 min. mark
Here is where you set up your 'Email Notification' letting you know when a 'Lead' was sent to your Referral Company.

referral lead confirmation

Referral Form ID # - Video Reference 7:21 min mark
Every Form has its own ID#. To view the data collected by your forms, click on the top bar entitled Forms, select Edit Your Forms. On the right you can search for your Form ID #, click on the link, it will open to the left, and click on the Data Collection tab. This is also the section where you can edit your form questions.

referral form id

Create Your Referral Company's Description Page - Video Reference 7:31 min. mark
Click on the Sub Page's link beside your Directory page title.

directory page

You link your Referral Company's Description page to your Directory page. Your Referral Company's Description page tells you visitors what this business does and what their offer is. Click to view and example of the Referral Company's Description page.

referral company page

Link Your Referral Co Description Page To Your Directory - Video Ref. 8:47 min. mark
Copy the URL of the Referral Company's Description page to Link it to your Directory page.

referral company link

directory page

View Your Lead Revenue - Video Reference 9:50 min. mark
Click on the top bar entitled Referrals, select Revenue By Company, click on your Referral Company to the right. Your leads will be displayed to the left. You have the option of deleting test and duplicate leads. To view your invoice, click on the View Invoice link.

revenue by company

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