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How Leads Work 

A Lead is when a visitor from your website completes a referral form to get the advertiser's contact information.

When your visitor completes the form and clicks on the submit button, you have the option of either sending them to the advertiser's website, or to a page on your website with the advertiser's contact information on it. 

You can set up the referral form to ask the visitor's name, email address and any other kind of information that would be beneficial for your advertiser.

Referrals can be the fastest, easiest and most profitable way of making money online.

Deciding On A Topic

1. Pick something that is in people's everyday lives.
Finance / Health / Insurance / Education / Laughing / Insightful / Advice

2. Pick a company that would pay you the most for these leads.
Even if it's in your county.

3. Pick a topic that fascinates you, that you enjoy talking about, and researching about it.

4. Pick a topic you want to be the go to expert in.

What To Charge

The table to the right is from Google's Keyword Planner which shows that Pay Per Click amounts advertisers are willing to pay for a visitor lead that simply clicks on a ad to get to their website. Some companies pay up to $80 for a lead for a specific keyword search. When you use Google's Keyword Planner to see what advertisers are paying for clicks, it will help you determine how much a lead could be worth to them. A click, gives the advertisers a lead, a referral gives the advertiser a person that completed a form to get their contact information. Big difference. Here's how to use Google's Keyword Planner.

Through your own experience or expertise you can have a website which generates income for you by sending leads to businesses. This is exactly like recommending a company to a friend that you know that can help them out. The only difference is that you're now being paid for your referral.

Referral Form Example

Here's an example of a demo website;, with a referral form that sends leads to law firms.

Email Notifications

When someone completes your referral form, you can set your referral program up to send an email to the visitor, your advertiser, and to yourself.

Visitor Email: You also have the option of sending the visitor an email with the advertiser's contact information. This is recommended, and is a good selling point for the advertiser. This email is setup when attaching your advertiser to your lead program.

Advertiser Email: You have the option of sending the advertiser an email, in real time, with the information entered in by your visitor. This information may or may not be useful to the advertiser. Sometime visitors enter in fake contact information, but contact the advertiser and buy or use their service. You've probably done this yourself.

Regardless, it's good to send the advertiser the email notification with the information entered by the visitor. It also makes billing at the end of the month less of a surprise to your advertiser if they are continuously notified of the Leads they're getting from your website.  This email is activated by entering the advertiser's email into the 'Referral Email' field when attaching your advertiser to your program.

To view an example of the email sent to the advertiser of the lead, click here.

Your Email Notification: You have the option of receiving an email notifying you of the Lead sent. To receive a notification enter your email address into the 'Your Email Notification' section when you're creating your referral form. To view an example of the email sent to you of the lead, click here.

Data Collection

Website Owner: All information entered into the Referral Form is collected and leads can be viewed by clicking on the top bar entitled 'Referrals', then clicking on 'Revenue Date' or 'Revenue By Company.'
You also have the option of deleting 'duplicate' or 'test' Leads before billing the advertiser.

Messaging: First Names & Email Addresses are also automatically downloaded into your Messaging section where you can send out email messages to the visitors that entered in their information.

To view these entries click on the top bar entitled 'Messaging', then from the laughing menu click on 'Mailing Lists', to the right of the page you'll see the Title of your Referral Form you created. Click on your Form's Title link and you will see the names and email addresses of the visitors who completed your referral form. 

Advertiser Login: Your referral companies can login to your website to view their leads.

To do this simply click on the top bar entitled 'Your Account' and from the laughing menu click on 'Account Settings'. Then scroll down to the section entitled Additional Website Features, and check the box that says Show Referral Login. The login link will then be visible on the bottom bar of your website.

Advertiser Registration: You can also have a Registration page on your website for advertisers to register to get your leads. 

Sample Agreement Letter To A Referral Company

Hi Mark,

This is our letter of understanding that you're interested in our firm sending you leads from our Website.

We will be promoting your business for free, and your only cost is when we send you a Lead. The cost, per lead, is $XX.

I will also send you the first lead for free, to make sure you are comfortable with the process.

Please note, leads are not based on getting to business, they are based on a visitor completing the referral form to get your contact information.

When the visitor completes the referral form, they are shown your contact information, and emailed it too. At the same time you will be emailed the visitor's contact information. You will also be given a login password to view your leads from our website. 

We will also be sending your first lead for free, subsequent leads will cost $XX per lead. Billing for leads will be done monthly.

To make sure our visitors know what you do, please provide us with a brief outline of what you do, and what type of business you're looking for.
I can also add a video to your referral page. Plus, we recommend that you make a special offer to our visitors to help increase your conversion rate, like a free consultation or 10% discount. 

Your referral form will ask the visitors for the following information. Please let me know if you wish to ask any additional questions to be added.

1. Name
2. Email
3. Phone Number
4. How Can We Help?

When you send me this information, I will create and show you what your Referral Page looks like, for your approval, before I begin promoting your business.

Thank you,
Lee Romanov 

How To Create A Lead Referral Program

people Trust Friends & Authorities

You can have a lucrative Internet business with the experience, knowledge or passion you have right now, as you can send leads to advertisers for any topic or industry.

What you know can make you an Authority online. people  Love to be recommended to places and people. people like to be able to say "Mr. Authority recommended me to you." And, companies that sell online realize the power of recommendations, and they are willing to pay for it. There's no better sales force out there then one person recommending to another person which business to go to for help or to get the best buy.

Simon Sinek Talks About Trust & The Power Of Recommendations  

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