Lead Generation Referrals

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Here's a 12 minute video to show you how to create a Lead Generation Program.

It's also recommended that you look at the screen shots below.
They show you the steps of creating your own Lead program while giving you more detailed information and tips.

 Your Lead Generating Program

A Lead Generating Program is when you direct a visitor from your website to an advertiser's website or a landing page with the advertiser's contact information, after the visitor completes your Referral Form.
You can set up the Referral Form to collect the visitor's name, email address and any other kind of information by adding additional questions.
You also have the option of sending an email to the advertiser with the visitor's information.

Referral Form Example

An example of this is if you had a website about Medical Malpractice, where you were sending referrals to a law firm.
Here is an example of what you might ask your visitors:
1.  Name

2.  Email Address

 City Location

  Specified Information

 General Information
The Submit Button takes the visitor to the Advertiser's website or landing with their contact information. 

Payment For The Referral

Once the visitor is shown the advertiser's contact information, it becomes a billable referral.
In this example, the Law Firm is paying $50 per Lead (As show on Google's Keyword Tool) when a visitor completes the Referral Form and is shown the Law Firm's contact information.

1. Payment for the Lead is based on the 'Visitor Completing the Referral Form' not on the information they entered. In some cases the visitor will enter in fake information, but still end up contacting the advertiser.

2. Payment for the Lead is never based on the advertiser generating business from it, any more then the leads they're sent by Google's Pay Per Click Model are.

The Lead generated for the Referral Company is superior to any Per Per Click Lead as the visitor actively entered in their information to get the advertiser's contact information.
Landing Page
You have the option of sending your visitor to the advertiser's website directly, or to a 'Landing Page' you create that gives the visitor the concise information catered to promoting them to contact the advertiser. It should also link to the advertiser's website.
The Landing Page you create is the best alternative as the Referral Company's website may not provide the visitor with the right action to take to contact the advertiser.
Here is an example of a Landing Page that the visitor will be sent to when they click on the submit button. 
1.  An Offer - Free Consultation
2.  Who to Contact
3.  Link to Advertiser's Website

Landing Page

Referral Company Website

How To Register Referral Companies

Registering Companies Manually
You can register referral companies yourself.
This is explained below in Step 1: Setting Up Your Advertiser.

Companies Registering On Your Website
You can place registration forms on your website pages for referral companies to register for your referral programs.
Registration forms can be put on any page. To see how to do this, click here.

 Email Notification

Referral Company: You have the option of sending the advertiser an email, in real time, with the information entered in by your visitor. This information may or may not be useful to the advertiser. Sometime visitors enter in fake contact information but contact the advertiser and buy or use their service. You've probably done this yourself. Regardless, it's good to send the advertiser the email notification with the information entered by the visitor. It also makes billing at the end of the month less of a surprise to your advertiser if they are continuously notified of the Leads they're getting from your website. To view an example, click here.
Visitor Email: You also have the option of sending the visitor an email with the advertiser's contact information. This is recommended, and is a good selling point for the advertiser. Pay Per Click Leads don't send emails with the advertiser's contact information in it to the visitor as there is no way for the visitor to enter in their email address.
Your Email Notification: You have the option of receiving an email notifying you of the Lead sent. To receive a notification enter your email address into the 'Your Email Notification' section when you're creating your referral form. To view an example, click here.

Data Collection

Website Owner:
All information entered into the Referral Form is collected and leads can be viewed by clicking on the top bar entitled 'Referrals', then clicking on 'Revenue Date' or 'Revenue By Company.'
You also have the option of deleting 'duplicate' or 'test' Leads before billing the advertiser.
Messaging First Names & Email Addresses are also automatically downloaded into your Messaging section where you can send out email messages to the visitors that entered in their information. To view these entries click on the top bar entitled 'Messaging', then from the dropdown menu click on 'Mailing Lists', to the right of the page you'll see the Title of the Referral Form you created. Click on the Title Link and you will see the names and email addresses of the visitors who completed your referral form. 
Advertiser Login: Your referral companies can login your website to view their leads. To do this simply click on the top bar entitled 'Your Account', from the dropdown menu click on 'Account Settings'. Then scroll down to the section entitled Additional Website Features, and check the box that says Show Referral Login. The login link will then be visible on the bottom bar of your website.
Advertiser Registration: You can also have a Registration page on your website for Advertiser to register to get your leads.

Setting Up Your Lead Generation Program

There are 3 steps to setting up your Lead Generating Referral Program.
1.  Set Up Your Advertiser Enter in the advertiser(s), known as your Referral Company, who will be paying you to receive your Leads.
2.  Create Your Lead Program: Give your Lead Program a title and set up what you will be charging Per Lead.
3.  Create Your Referral Form: Create your Referral Form Questions, Landing Page, and Email Notifications.

Set Up Your Advertisers (Referral Company)

To register a Referral Company, click on the top bar entitled 'Referrals', then from the dropdown menu click on 'Referral Companies'.

You also have the option of setting up a Referral Registration page on your website. When an advertiser registers, you will be sent an email and their Company Name will appear to the right of the 'Referral Companies' page.

To view how to set up a Referral Registration Form on your website, click here.

1. Lead Generation Program Previously Set Up If you created your Lead Generation Program first it will show up in this section. To add your advertiser to your program, check the box beside the Program Title.

2. Setting Up Your Advertiser Enter the company information here, such as address and website.

3. Login Information Enter the Login Email and Login Password that this company will use to login to the referral section of your website.

How to set up your Advertiser's Login: You can also set up a login for your referral companies to view their leads. To do this simply click on the top bar entitled Your Account, from the dropdown menu click on Account Settings. Then scroll down to the section entitled Additional Website Features and click on the box that says Show Referral Login. The login link will then be visible on the bottom bar of your website. To see how a company logs into your website, click here.

4. Main Contact Enter the contact information of your main contact at the company. This is for your own reference.
5. Referral Contact  Enter the contact information of the person handling the referrals.
Note: The email you enter in this section will receive the email notifications of the leads. If you leave the email field blank, no email will be sent out to the advertiser. To view an example of this email, click here.

Warning: When testing referral links and leads, remove your advertiser's email address from here or they will receive your test emails.
6. Then click the 'Insert' button. You will see your advertiser's company name appear to the right of the screen under the title Unassigned Referral Companies. Now you need to create you Lead Generation Program.

Note: If you already created your Lead Generation Program, and assigned your Advertiser to it by clicking in the box at the top of this page (Refer to Point 1) you will be automatically be sent to the Lead Generation Program to customize your advertiser's settings.

Creating Your Lead Generating Program

You now need to create your Lead Generation Program which determines what you are going to charge your Referral Companies per Lead.
To do that go to the top bar entitled 'Referrals', click on 'Lead Generation Programs'.
1. Program Title Give your Lead Generation Program a Title. This will be for your on reference.
2. Status The Status says that your Lead Generation Program is Active, however you can set it to Pause. An example to when this would come in handy is if you where sending leads to suppliers and they ran out of stock. You would simply set your program to pause, and the visitors completing your Referral Form would then be sent to your No Referral Found Page. Your No Referral Found Page could then say 'Temporarily Out Of Stock. We Will Contact You When The Products Arrive.'
3. Referral Rate Here is where you enter in the amount you will be charging per lead to the advertiser.  
4. Program Description The Program Description is for your own reference.
5. No Referral Found - Default Page If you don't have an advertiser to send the visitor to that completes your Referral Form they will be sent to a Default page saying  'Sorry we couldn't help you at this time.'
6. No Referral Found - Redirect You also have the option of sending the visitor to another website or a page on your website if you don't have an advertiser to send them to. To do that simply enter in the website's page address known as a URL into the box, which you will see when you click on the Radio button.
7. No Referral Found - Custom Page Finally you have the option of creating a Custom Page to send the visitor to if you do not an advertiser to send them to. This is the best alternative and this page should give the visitor some good information so that they don't feel that they gave you their contact information for nothing.
When a visitor is sent to your No Referral Found page their information is collected and you can see how much money your 'Lost Referrals' are costing you. This is telling you where you should fill in the gaps of your referral program. You can view your Lost Referrals by clicking on the top bar entitled 'Referrals' and from the dropdown menu click on 'Referrals By Company'. To the right of the screen you will see the red title 'Lost Lead Generation Referrals.'
8. Exclusive Company Here you have the option of making this program exclusive to one of your referral companies. This means no other company in the program will be sent referrals. To do that simply select the company  from the dropdown menu.
9. Referral Companies If you have Referral Companies registered, they will show up here. Check the box to add them to this Lead Generation program.
A program with a single company will always send referrals to that company.
A program with multiple companies will rotate between them.
10. Insert Button Then click Insert and you will automatically be taken back to your Referral Company to customize your Referral Companies Settings.
11. With respect to point 9, in the case where you have multiple Referral Companies listed and you attached more than one company to this Lead Generation program at once, then click the insert button, you will remain on this page. You will also see your Lead program to the right of your screen.
You then need to setup these referral company's settings, to do that click on the top bar entitled 'Referrals', then from the dropdown menu click on 'Referral Companies'. Then on the right you will see your Referral Companies listed. Click on the Referral Company you want to setup the settings for, then click on the white tab entitled 'Lead Generation Referral Settings'.

Referral Settings & Landing Page

Now that you've attached your Lead Generation Program that will send leads to your Advertiser, you have the option of filtering the referrals geographically and/or by a trigger question. 
This is also where you set up where to send the visitor after they complete your Referral Form and click on the submit button.
1. Referral Company As shown below, your Referral Companies (advertisers) will always be listed to the right of the page.
2. Program Settings Tab  You are automatically be taken to your Referral Company's Lead Generation Referral Settings section after you create your Lead Generation Program.
3. Company Referral Program  Here is where you can see which Lead Generation Program(s) are providing referrals for this advertiser.
4. Referrals By Location  This is only used when your referral company can only service in a certain geographical location. You have the option of filtering by country, province/state and city.

Country  From the dropdown menu you can select the Country.
5. Provinces / States  If you select Canada or the US, you can also select which provinces or States you want.

6. City  You can even narrow it down to the City selection by typing in which cities this advertiser wants Referrals from.
You can use the Country selection, Province or State selection, or City selection in combination with each other or separately.
As an example, by setting up Referrals by Location, when a visitor completes the Referral Form, they will be asked to select their Country, Province, State or City location. If it matches what this advertiser's settings are, the visitor will be sent to them.

Zip Code: You can also use the city field to enter zip codes. You can use this Zip Code Radius Finder to find zip codes close to your referral company. 

7.  Trigger Question Here you can ask a trigger question to determine if the referral is sent to this advertiser. An example of this would be if you were sending visitors to car dealerships, for a Ford Dealership the Trigger Question may be 'What make of car are you interested in purchasing?'.
8.  Trigger Answer  The Trigger Answer for this advertiser would be Ford. Therefore only visitors that selected Ford from the Referral Form would be referred to this Advertiser.

Sending The Visitor To The Advertiser's Website

When your visitor completes the Referral Form and clicks on the Submit button you have 2 options of where to send them. 1. You can create a landing page on your website. 2. Redirect them to the advertiser's website.

9. Create Your Own Landing Page You have the option of sending your visitor to a 'Landing Page' you create. Here you can make the transition easier for the visitor to contact your advertiser. This page should also link to the advertiser's website and contain their contact information. If your company doesn't have a website, this is an excellent option for you to use.

Page Title  The page title will appear at the top of the landing page and in your page directory where you can also make changes to it.

10. Landing Page Content  Enter the page content for the landing page here where you would include the company contact information and a link to their website.

11. Redirect To The Advertiser's Website You can send them to the advertiser's website, or to any website page you want by entering the page address, known as the URL into this box. You also have the option of embedding their website into your website, to see how to do it, click here.
12. Visitor Email  You have the option of sending the visitor an email. It will further promote your advertiser if you include their contact information in this email and is a good selling feature you're providing for your advertiser. Pay Per Click Leads don't provide emails with the advertiser's contact information in it to the visitor. Enter the subject line and content to the email.
13. Referral Period  The leads are set to automatically be sent to the advertiser or you can select a time frame with a beginning and ending date.
14.  Admin Status  Here you can set the Lead Generation Program to Pause. If there is only one company in your program, doing this will then direct all the leads to your No Referral Found Page. If you have multiple referral companies in this program, it will skip this company in the rotation.
An example to when this would come in handy is if you where sending leads to suppliers and they ran out stock. You would simply set your program to pause, and the visitors completing the Referral Form would then be sent to your Default Page. Your Default Page could then say 'Temporarily Out Of Stock. We Will Contact Your We Get More Products In.'
15.  Company Pause  If the advertiser logs into their account they can Pause the Lead Generation Program. Pausing a program means this company will not receive Leads. An example of when this would happen is if the advertiser went on vacation. You will be sent an email when one of your advertisers pauses a program.
16. Program Details  This is the program title and rate.
17.  Custom Rate  Here you can a charge a different rate for this specific advertiser, either higher or lower than the rate shown above.
18.  Daily Referral Cap  Advertiser leads are set with no Cap. Here is where you can set a Daily Cap of referrals to send this advertiser. When the Cap is hit, your advertiser will stop receiving referrals for that day. The Cap resets at midnight.

19.  Priority Referrals  Leads rotate between advertisers. Here you can set a number of leads to be sent to this advertiser first.
20.  Update Program Setting  Click on the button and you're done and now you are ready for step 3, Create Your Referral Form.


Create Your Referral Form

1.  Select Form Type Select 'Paid Referral Form'.

2.  Referral Programs From the dropdown menu select the Referral Program you are working on.

3.  Form Reference Title This title is for your own reference to identify it when your want to edit it. 

4.  Introductory Comment Line You can type in text that will appear above your Form.

5.  Select Question Format Your answer boxes to your questions are set to automatically appear below your question. You can select them to appear beside your questions, however this is meant for very short questions.

6.  Submit Button Location Your Submit button is located at the bottom of your form and is what your visitor clicks on after they have completed your form questions. Your Submit button is automatically set up to be left justified on your page, however you have the option of centering it.
7.  Submit Button Text  Your Submit button is automatically set up to be blue with white type that says Submit. You can type what you want your submit button to say. Examples; Submit, Sign Me Up, Contact Me. You can also change it's colours by clicking on the top bar entitled 'Your Account', then from the dropdown menu click on 'Customize Your Colours'.
8.  Concluding Comment  You have the option of having a comment under your submit button. Example: "We won't share this information with anyone."
9.  Continue Button  Click 'Continue' button to go to the next step. 

 Form Questions

Now you can create the Questions & Answers your visitor will be answering on your Referral Form. You may wish to make some of these questions mandatory by clicking on the box entitled Required.

1.  Question Here is where you type in your form questions. For example: first name, email address, etc.
First Names and Email Addresses are collected and automatically entered into your messaging section of your website. To collect this information into your Messaging section, select First Name and Email Address from the Answer Fields.
To the right of the questionnaire section provides an explanation of the answer boxes available, and their uses. 
Type in your Question. In the Answer Field select the answer box from the dropdown menu, then type in your answer. If there are multiple answers type each answer on its own line who no spaces between the line.
Then click on 'Add A Question'. A next Question Box will appear for you to type in your next question, and your question will appear under it.
You can ask as many questions as you want. You can also put them in the order you want them to appear on your page by entering in the order number in the box entitled Set Question Order. 

Referral Questions 
If you created any location or trigger filters for your Referral Companies, these questions will appear below. All Referral Questions with filters are set to be mandatory. In other words, your visitors will need to answer them to proceed so that your referral Company does not get visitors that don't match the kind of lead they're paying for.
2.  Country Referral Question will be shown here if you created one. You can change what the question asks or edit it later. To edit it you click on the top bar entitled 'Forms', then from the dropdown menu select 'Edit A Form', then click on the Form Title to the right of the page that you what to edit.

Answer Sent To Referrals  The answer here will appear below your question in a dropdown menu. When your visitors are asked which Country they're from, and your Referral Company only wanted visitors from Canada, Canada would be shown in the dropdown menu.

No Referral Found
  The No Referral Found Answers box is where you to provide 'alternative answers' for your visitors to select that 'would not' direct them to your Referral Company.

The answer(s) you enter in here will direct your visitor to your No Referral Found Landing Page you created where you did not have a Referral Company to send these visitors to. An example of what you may want to enter in this box is the word 'Other.'

For example, if you asked 'Select Your Country. And your referral answer is Canada. Your No Referral Found Answer could be 'Other.'

Then you may wish to create a question to ask 'What Country Do You Live In? This answer will be collected in your data section telling you what Countries you should be looking for Referral Companies to send these visitors to.
If you have multiple answers being added into this box, type in each answer on its own line.

3.  Province / State Referral Question  This appears below your Country question, if asked.

4.  City Referral Question  This appears below your Province / State question, if asked. 

5.  Trigger Referral Question  This appears below your City question, if asked.
6.  Continue Button  Click the Continue Button to begin to setting up your Email Notifications and Form placement.

Important: If you are creating a referral form without a location or trigger question, you must make one of your questions 'Required' to prevent blank information from being sent to your referral company.

Email Notification 

Here you have the option of receiving email notifications to monitor your referral activity.
Once you're comfortable with your activity you can turn this off by clicking on the top bar entitled 'Your Account', then from the dropdown menu click on 'Account Settings'. Then scroll down to Email Notifications and check the box that says 'Check this box if you do NOT want to be notified of Visitor Referrals.'
If you want to login and view your referral activity, click on the top bar entitled 'Referrals', then you can click on either 'Referrals By Company' or 'Referrals By Date'. To the right of the screen click on the company name or date that will bring up your data to the left of the screen.
1.  Subject Line  Enter the subject of the email you will be receiving. Give this title a name that will remind you that you are receiving a referral notice. To view an example of the email, click here.

2.  Email Address  Enter in the email address you want your notifications to go to. Here you also have the option of sending the email to additional email addresses. To do the simply separate the email addresses by commas. Example: YourName@Website.com, Coworker@hotmail.com
3.  Content Editor  Give yourself a message that reminds you why this email was sent to you. Maybe it could include an action you wanted to do.

4.  Data   You are automatically sent all the information your visitors entered into your referral form. If you do not want this information included in the email sent to you, uncheck the box.

No Referral Found Email (Optional)
This is the email you can send your visitor that was not directed to a Referral company.
They would receive this email when landing on your No Referral Found Page. These are the visitors that you are not getting referral fees from.

Subject Line  Enter in the Subject Line of the email that the visitor will receive if they are sent to your No Referral Found page.
6 Content Editor  Enter in your email content in the content editor. Be sure to give your visitor an action to perform that will take them through your sales path. In this case may be an Affiliate link for a product purchase.
7.  Attach A File  Click the 'Choose File'/'Upload' button if you want to include an email attachment in the email. Here you could include a free eBook.
8.  Continue Button  Now you can proceed to attaching your form onto your website page, or another website or blog.


 Placing Your Referral Form On A Website Or Blog

Here are the options you have for placing your form.

1. Embed Your Form On Your Own Website  To do this, copy the code in this box. In the brackets is your form's ID number which you can use to identify this form.

Now go into the page you want to embed your form on and paste the code you just copied. Only the [Form ID#] will appear in the content editor, you'll need to Save your page and click on the 'View' link to see your form on the page.

2. Embed Your Form On Another Website Or Blog  To do this, copy the code in this box and then paste it into the HTML code of the website page or Blog you want to show the form on.

3. Place Your Form On The Top Or Bottom Of Your Page  To do this, click on the radio button to select weather you want the form to be placed above or below your page content.

4. Attach Form To Pages  Check the box beside your website page titles that you want to show the form on.

5. Click on the button to complete your form.

Testing: You should always test your Referral Forms to make sure it is working the way you want. Also remember to delete any test Referrals you do. When testing referral links and leads, remove your advertiser's email address from 'Receiving Email' on the 'Referral Companies' page.

Revenue By Company

The 'Revenue By Company' page allows you to review Lead Generation referrals and revenue.
1. Referral Company Click on the Referral Company.

2. Lost Lead Generation Referrals Click on Program Title to view lost revenue for that program.

Reviewing Referral Revenue By Company

When you click on a company link, it will show you:
1. Date Range Select a date range to view referrals and revenue, then click on 'View'. To show all referral revenue click on the link 'Show All Referral Revenue'.
2. Print Invoice  Select a date range above, click on 'View', then click on the 'Print Invoice' link to view your invoice. To the right you'll see the Date Range Total and the Balance owed to you.

3. Lead Generation Referral Revenue  This shows you the your referral revenue and data collected.

4. Totals  These are the subtotal, taxes, and total revenue for this Lead Generation Program.

Reviewing Referral Revenue By Date

To view your revenue by date, click on the top bar 'Referrals' then from the dropdown menu click on 'Revenue By Date', it will show you:
1. Revenue Summary It will list all of your referral programs; Pay Per Click, Lead, Directory and the total revenues earned.

2. View Revenue  You can also select a date range to view revenue, then click on 'View'. To show all referral revenue click on the link 'Show All Referral Revenue'.
3. Revenue By Day By clicking on this link you will see your revenue details for that day.

Recording Referral Payments

To manage and record referral payments, go to the 'Referrals' tab in the menu bar and select 'Referral Payments'.
1. Payments Owed To You  These are the payments owed to you by your referral companies. To generate an invoice to send your company, go to the top menu 'Referrals' and from the dropdown click on 'Referral By Company'. Click on the company on the right, then select a date range, then click on 'Print Invoice'.
2. Payment Amount  Enter the amount of the payment received in this box.

3. Reference Number/Note Enter the form of payment, any reference numbers, or notes here.

4. Record Payment  Click the 'Record Payment' link and balance owed will be reduced by the amount you entered. It will then show up below in the 'Payments Made To You' table below.
5. Payments Made To You  These are the payments you've received and recorded.

Edit Payment The 'Edit' link will allow you to add a reference number or change the amount. 

7. Delete Payment  The 'Delete' link will delete this payment. You may use this for a bounced check.

If any of your test referrals show up here and you want to delete them, go to the Revenue By Company, click on the company name, then delete the test referrals.                   

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