Biologist, Dr. Bruce Lipton's 'Scientific Wisdom' was proven in his lab. His powerful message to you is to be very careful of the way you think, as it affects your cellular make up and will affect the life have. This is a 'Must Watch' video.

My 'Powerful Message' is that when you share amazing YouTube videos with people this can help you create a monthly income for yourself.  This video explains how to do that in the intro, followed by what Dr. Bruce Lipton has to say. Enjoy!

You can also grow your email list by uploading popular and trending YouTube videos to your website.

lee romanov advocateI'm Lee Romanov and I began making money online in 1994 by sending $5 leads to businesses and averaged $50,000 a month.

After selling my website to one of the largest media corporations in North America, Torstar, I had the money, knowledge and experience to create Income Activator, the only all-inclusive website platform focused on generating revenue.

Other website platforms like WordPress, GoDaddy and WIX are little more than an online brochure and online brochures DO NOT make money.

Income Activator includes hosting, an online store, membership software, pay-per-click, and lead tracking software.

The Income Activator Website Builder & making money onlineis like 'Heaven on Earth'.  

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