Be A 50% Partner As Income Activator Goes Viral!

Income Activator
 (IA) shares its Monthly Website Subscription Fee 50/50 with you.

Your Website & Hosting are Free when referring 2 people that get an IA website. 

You're In The Money If You Have A Following!

Referring 100 people that get an Income Activator website earns you $3,000 per month! Referring 1,000 subscribers is $30,000 per month and 3,000 is $90,000 per month!

The new subscription rate has increased to $60, of which you receive 50%. 
Website owner's paying $30 monthly, your rate remains fixed. 

Your IA Affiliate Page & Link

Your visitors can get their Income Activator website by going to the page entitled 'Get A Website' and completing the form.

Your IA affiliate link is located the bottom of your website entitled: Powered By Just click on it and copy the URL of the page that comes up and post it on all your social media platforms.   

Going Viral

You never know when something you do will go viral and you'll be prepared to benefit from it financially through Income Activator's Affiliate program.

make money when you go viral

What To Do 

Post funny images, make a YouTube video, sing a song, write something interesting, email your network, anything you can think of, and include your Income Activator Affiliate link with it.

Video Promotion

You can also put the video below anywhere you wish as a promotion along with your affiliate link.

Here is the video code: iframe src="" width="550" height="309" frameborder="0" webkitallowfullscreen mozallowfullscreen allowfullscreen></iframe>

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