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The reason we are not yet Internet Millionaires, is that we followed the wrong revenue model.

Most people followed the SALES model and NOT the LEAD model for generating revenue.

As a result, the level that has to be achieved to succeed in selling online is an impossible
target for the vast majority of people, where as the Lead model is completely attainable.  

Below is a Sales vs Lead comparison and you can see why... for yourself. 

Lee Romanov has been making millions of dollars online since 1994 from Referral Revenue.
She is the president of, a website builder with 10 revenue streams

Income Activator is a ready-to-go website builder you can operate even if you're a one finger
typist and not computer savvy at all. 

Pay Per Click Leads: You can send PPC leads to your own advertisers, just like Google does.

Referrals: You recommend to your visitors which company, or companies, they should get in touch with. The software sends your visitor's contact information to those companies as leads, tracks it, and create invoices. Here's a demo WordPress site sending $40 leads to a law firm.

The referral software, auto-responders, data collection, and email messaging.

    You Do It Everyday... It's Time You Get Paid For It

You should have a Resource Page on your website where you're being paid for recommending to your visitors which companies they should go to and check out.


1% may buy.

50% profit.

Consumer Pay

Consumers don't have sales budgets.

Must sell something.

Selling a $20 product
- Costs $10 - Creation / shipping / returns.
- 50% profit

To make $120,000 per year
- 1% of your traffic may buy from you.
- You need 3,300 people to your website
  every day, making 350 sales daily.

To make $1 million per year
- You need 27,500 people to your website
  every day, making 2,800 sales daily.


40% conversion.

100% profit.

Corporate Pay

Corporations have
sales budgets.

not sales dependent.

Lead - $20
- Refer visitors to companies paying per lead.
- 100% profit.

To make $120,000 per year
- 40% follows your recommendations.
- You need 40 people a day to your website,
  sending 17 referrals daily.

To make $1 million per year
- You need 345 people a day to your website,
   with 135 becoming referrals.


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