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How To Add a or Video Background or Image to a Template Page      Video Backgrounds & Images Available
E-Commerce Store can be added to all Template Pages   *    Referral Forms Sending Leads to Businesses that Pay can be added to all Template Pages

sub page settings

Home Page
Right Form Box
Search For IA360income activator template

Home Page
Small Boxes - Form Below

Search IA903HP centered

 Home Page
Full Screen - Form Below


Home Page
Bottom Sliders - 4 Squares

Search For 
IA9084 box directory 4

Home Page
No Sliders - 4 Squares

Search For - IA522No Sliders template

Home Page
Directory - 3 Boxes 

Search For IA5203 Square Directory

Home Page
Directory - 3 Circles

Search For IA909

Home Page
Directory - 4 Circles

Search For IA521Directory - 4 Circle

Home Page - Online Wealth
Search For IA866
Membership Business In A Box

Home Page
Video On Left

Search For IA824Affiliate Form Right

Home Page
Centered Video - Form Below

Search For IA871
Affiliate Form Centered

Home Page
Profit Online Website

Search For IA875IA Affiliate Website - IA999

Home Page
TV Show & Videos

Search For IA7254
Home - TV Videos

Page Template
Search For IA227
Page Template
Template Side Buttons
Search For IA986
Template Color Change
Template  Side Buttons
Wide Column

Search For IA882Template Wide Column

Template - No Buttons
Search For IA294
Template Color Change No Buttons
Template No Buttons
Wide Column

Search For IA874
Template Wide ColumnNo Buttons

Template Top Banner
Search For IA249
Template Top Banner
Top Banner No Page Boarder
Search For IA248
Top Banner No Page Boarder
Template Black
Search For IA060Template Black
Template Clear
The Page Rising Is Clear
Search For IA059
Template Clear
Events & Workshops Template
Search For IA928Events Workshops Template
Thank You Page
Search For IA854
Thank You Page
Image & Text
Search For IA853
Image Text
2 Slider Template
Search For IA9042 Slider Template
3 Slider Template
Search For IA886
3 slider
1 Column Template
Search For IA804
1 Column Template
2 Column Template
Search For IA906
2 Column Template

Directory Index
3 Box - Full Screen
Search For IA518
Directory Index 3 Box Full Screen
Directory Index
4 Box - Full Screen
Search For IA517 Directory Index - 4 Box
Template Header 3 Boxes
Search For IA926
Template Header 3 Boxes

 Build Your Own Pages
Sections Using HTML

Build Top
Search For IA873Build Top

Search For IA875


Search For IA877

Build - 5 boxes - Full Screen

Search For IA289Build - 5 boxes - Full Screen
Video Income Home Page 1
2 Feature Videos

Search For AI683
Income Website
Video Income Home Page 2
Slider Videos 

Search For AI506
Income Website 2
Video Income Home Page 3
Directory Categories

Search For AI507
Income Website 3
Video Lead Income Page
No Subscribe
Search For IA638
Template No Subscribe
Video Lead Income Page
No Subscribe
Search For IA510

Video Lead Income Page
Bottom Subscribe
Search For IA5510
Video Lead Income Page
Bottom Subscribe
Search For IA509Lead-Income-Page-Bottom-Sliders.

E-Commerce Store
Search For IA3669
Home - Store

Store Banner Template
Search For IA371 Store template

Store Template
Search for IA377Store Template

Store Banner Template
Search For IA370
Store Banner Template

Opt-In Form
Search For IA378Opt In tempalte

3 Box Template
Search For IA8743 Box Template

Search For IA950membership home page

Author - Library of Knowledge
Search For IA896 Library Template

Photo Album Slider
Search For IA576Phot Album Slider 2

Coaching Directory
Search For IA870coach Tempalte

Home Page  - Speaker
Search For IA861 Speaker Template

Car Insurance Quotes Template
Search For IA832Car Insurance Quotes Template

Affiliate Pages
Website & TV Show
Search For IA271
Home Web and TV Show

Your TV Show & Videos
Search For IA051
Start Your TV Show


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