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Even if you have nothing to sell or no particular skill to teach others, you can still have a website that creates passive income from inspiration videos you find on YouTube. And there's millions of them!

My sister, Linda, she started her own school, and she knows the importance of education,  sent me this video.

  You could make a difference in the world by sending out these kind of videos to others.

This got me inspired again, to tell you how Internet Marketers make money from YouTube videos, everyday. 

We find, or get emailed amazing videos that we end up wanting to share.

We add Google ads on the side of our pages. Google pays 68% of what the advertiser pays them when someone sees an ad they like and clicks on it.

We all need something to inspire us, make us think... even make us laugh! (This Ones Hilarious... She Beans The Guy With A Bible!!)

Do it daily. They'll look forward to your emails, and share them with others.

To find out how to begin generating this kind of passive income, please watch the videos to the right.


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