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Quality Demo - Toronto Auto Show

Income Activator TV is seeking companies interested
in presenting business opportunities to entrepreneurs
and people wanting to create a second income.

Here's more on the Power of Infomercials.

Companies Featured include franchises, online business ventures, start-ups, and work from home opportunities.

What You Get

100 TV Airings A Month On Rogers Cable

4.5 Million Viewers in 1.7 Million Homes

Weekly Online Interviews

Income Activator TV

Show Style: The show is a little like Dragon's Den, or Shark Tank, but the Sharks are the viewing audience.

After the show, viewers go to and give their comments about the opportunities presented. They can decide to get involved with the business opportunity, or say why
they wouldn't participate.

Read More... About The Power Of Infomercial Programming.

Data Collection

You have full access to the comments about your business opportunity. This data is extremely valuable, as you will know
in real time what is, or isn't working in your presentation.

TV Program Format: Your business opportunity is presented in
a 4 minute News Style format, in 1.58 million homes, and to 4.5 million viewers. Show length is 28:30. Each show segment is introduced by the host.

TV Program Station: Deals TV, Rogers Digital Cable TV,
Tele-Shopping Station, Airing Channels 201 (SD) & 299 (HD).
The show runs on both these channels.

Channels 201 & 299 also feature TV shows with great content like Real Estate & Automotive that viewers tune to watch.

Channels 201 & 299 are also beside extremely popular stations like Rogers On Demand channel 300, Home Shopping channel 202, the Movie Network channel 302, and HBO channel 301.

Airing Schedule:
24/7, 100 times per month. Airings: 6 am to 12 pm, 12 pm to 6 pm. 30 Prime Time Airings 7 pm to 11 pm

TV Program Footage: Existing footage can be edited into
a 4 minute news style format featuring your company profile, interviews by your corporate spokesperson, as well as footage
of your operation. If footage is not available, your spot can be produced by an Income Activator assigned production house,
and the production will be quoted separately.

Online Interviews

Your Business Opportunity is Presented to the World Stage.

Online Interviews: Interviews run weekly, while your TV segment is on air. Interviews are 15 minutes in length. Interview times are flexible, and best of all, you don't even need to leave your office to do them.

Host: You're interviewed by CP24 TV personality, Lee Romanov, and president of Income Activator TV. Lee is a well known consumer advocate, author, entrepreneur, and was a columnist
for both the Toronto Star and The Globe And Mail newspapers.

Personal Touch: Viewers get to see the personality behind the business.
This gives the business owner, or the company spokesperson, the platform
to convery their business opportunity on a personal level.

You may pick the topic, and supply the interview questions.

Interview Display Areas & Access: Online Interviews are displayed on the Income Activator TV YouTube Channel, ad on

You will also have full access to your TV spots, and online interviews where you can display them on your website, partners sites or affiliate sites.

Cost - Income Activator TV + Data Collection + Interviews

You can decide on a month to month commitment, or secure your TV show segment for a longer period of time.

TV Show & Online Interviews & Comment Data: $6,000 per month.

Separate Purchase: 4 Online Interviews $2,000 per month.

Secure Your TV Spot & Online Interviews: Call Lee Romanov at 647-977-0864 or email
or call Lawrie Yakabuski of Deals TV at 416 805-6168.

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