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What is Income Activator?

Income Activator is website platform that has 10 revenue streams you can activate, including an online store, and software that tracks leads you send to companies.

Income Activator also comes with forms, auto-responders, an online store, and email messaging.  

Steve asks Lee how people can make money from Leads?

Lee's answer is simply... "If 1% of your visitor traffic may buy from you... then why not tell the other 99% where to go." 

Here's why people who think 'They need to sell online to make money', find it hard to see how they can make money by 'Sending leads to companies that pay them.'


Big Money Companies Do NOT sell to their visitors. They send leads to companies that pay them, and you can too! 

What Income Activator's Website Platform Offers


The Simple Process To Creating Online Wealth 


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