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Creating Product Categories & Showing Them On Pages

Income Activator's online store allows you to sell physical products, information products (ie. ebooks), and affiliate products.

You first need to create product categories to put your products under, then you need to add your products.

You can then display your product categories and the products under them on any of your pages.

There is no limit to the number of categories or products you can have in your online store.

Begin by going to the top bar 'Your Store', then click on the dropdown 'Product Categories'.
1. Enter a category title here. Examples: Yoga Mats, Shoes, How To Ebooks

2. Check off which pages you want to display this category, and the products in it on.

Adding A Product

This is the page where you create your store products.

Note: Once you add your first product go back and add a second product with a test price of $0.05 and do a test purchase of it to make sure your payment goes through and your thank you page leads your customer to the action you want them to take after the purchase.

1. Product Name  Enter a product name here, this should describe your product in 3-7 words, make sure you use keywords from your keyword research in this product name.

2. Affiliate Buy Link  The buy link address is only used when selling affiliate products. If you fill this field in, visitors will not be able to add this product to their shopping cart, but instead the visitor will be sent to the affiliate's website to buy the product.
Enter the page address or URL from your affiliate into this box.
For more information using the affiliate link, and where you can find affiliates, click here.

3. Product Number  Enter a product number, this is only seen by you and used for your own reference.

4. Price  Enter a price for the product, before taxes.

5. Shipping Options  Select the kind of shipping you want to use for this product.

No Shipping Required Select this option for ebooks or information products. Customers will not be asked for their address if the product(s) being bought use this option.

Flat Rate Shipping  Select this option if you have setup Flat Rate Shipping options for your store. When a visitor adds a 'Flat Rate Shipping' product to their cart, they will be able to select it from a dropdown menu. To see how to setup flat rate shipping, click here.

Calculate Shipping Select this option if you want to automatically calculate shipping rates for your visitor. You can offer USPS, UPS, or Canada Post depending on your country, you need to register an account with a courier to calculate shipping. When you select this option fields will appear below for you to enter the dimensions and weight for your product. To see how to setup calculated shipping using shipping couriers, click here.

6. Product Categories  Check off the product categories you want to display this product under.

Optimizing Your Product For The Search Engines: This is where you can optimize this product to be found by the search engines, for more information SEO, click here.

7. SEO Title  Enter an SEO Title for your product, this should use keywords from your keyword research.

8. Page Address  Enter the page address for the product, this will appear after your domain in the page address or URL.

9. Page Description  Enter a page description for the product, should use keywords from your keyword research.

10. Product Image To upload your product image, click on 'Choose File', select your image from your computer. You have the option of uploading a separate image to be the thumbnail.

11. Product Details  Enter the product description or details for your product. Make sure to describe your product thoroughly and give your visitors everything they would need to know about your product. Make sure again to use keywords from your keyword research.

12. Downloadable File If you are selling an ebook, or information file, click on 'Choose File' to upload the file. This could also be used to include a free ebook with your product, or even a product manual.

13. On Sale  If you want to put this product on sale, check off the box and select the start and end date for the sale.

14. Discount Amount Enter a sale discount amount, you can select either a % or dollar amount.

15. Status  Select the status of your product, you can select either Hidden, Sold Out, or Call For Pricing (this will hide the price and instead show 'Call For Pricing').

16. Insert  Click on the 'Insert' button. This will post the product for sale in your online store.

Editing & Previewing Product

Your product will appear in the table to the right.

1. Click on the product name to edit your product.

2. Click on 'View' to view the product details page of your product.

This page is shown below.

Viewing Your Product Details Page

This is the product detail page that shows the description of your product, has a larger picture, and also has an 'Add To Cart' button.

1. This is the product name.

2. This is the product details or description.

3. This is the price, before taxes.

4. This 'Add To Cart' button will allow the visitors to add this product to their shopping cart to continue onto the buying process.
If you entered a buy link for an affiliate product, this button will instead say 'Buy Now' and link the visitor to the affiliate website.

5. The product image you uploaded will appear here. Visitors can click on 'View Large Image' to view the full or larger version of the image.

How Your Products Appears On A Page

Your 'Category Title' appears above all of the products inside the category.

1. Product Name  This is your product name. When clicked it goes to a page showing your product description, and a larger picture.

2. More Details Link  This goes to a page showing your product description, and a larger picture.

3. Product Image  This is the thumbnail image for your product.

4. Price  This is the price of your product. This does not include taxes or shipping.

5. Add To Cart Button  Your visitors click this to add this product to their cart. After doing this they can continue with the ordering process.

6. Call For Pricing Your price will appear as 'Call' if you don't insert a price or set the status on your product to 'Call For Pricing'.

Note: Once you add your first product go back and add a second product with a test price of $0.05 and do a test purchase of it to make sure your payment goes through and your thank you page leads your customer to the action you want them to take after the

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