I did this video just after being scammed out of $5,000.00 by a so-called Internet Guru. You'd think I'd know better. 

I've been in the Internet business since 1994 and made millions of dollars online by sending $5 leads to insurance companies. But these gurus are good. They promise you things that you have no idea how to achieve yourself, so you 'pay to play'. 

I paid to join a Master Mind group, but when they realized my all-inclusive website platform, Income Activator, would cut into their kick backs and commissions they were getting from their webmaster and affiliate partners I was kicked me out... and they kept my money. It was only when I sent a letter to Mr. Guru, saying I was going to sue if I didn't get my money back. Only then was my money was returned. Many people are not as fortunate. 

Then I thought... Is there in Internet Consumer Advocate... or is it up to all of us to help each other out?! 

Scammers Beware

Wouldn't it be great if we could all expose the underbelly of an industry by talking to someone famous about it on TV.  

We can't... but if I could... I'd tell Bill Maher.... and the interview would probably go something like this...

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