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Videos Are Being Removed By
YouTube Without Notice.

Download All Videos To Your Own
Computer That You Want Saved. 


Gov Surrendering Control Of Internet

These videos are of people speaking
out about online censorship.

Why Is Obama Doing This?

Huffington Post Journalist Publishing
Rights Revoked For reporting on
Hillary Clinton's health condition.

This video exposes WikiLeaks' emails.

WikiLeaks President, Julian Assange

Google Plus Hangouts Live Stream Shut Down Sept. 12 - For Journalists Reporting On The Hillary Election

YouTube Removes Ads 
From Videos That Criticize Hillary 

Listen to what's being said about GMO
Time in the video is 7:01

Doctor Suggesting That Hillary
Has Advanced Parkinson Disease

Dr. Drew, when questioning
Hillary's health was fired from
CNN, and had his show canceled.

Edward Snowden

"If you don't care about the right to privacy because you have nothing to hide',
is the same thing as saying;
"You don't care about the freedom of speech because you have nothing to say!"
Our rights are our rights!

Snowden goes on to talk about Russia's growing censorship of the internet!

 YouTube Revenue Ads Removed

Online journalists make money from ads
on YouTube. YouTube has both altered viewing results, and has removed
ads from videos that criticize or
question Hillary's health.

Let Your Voice Be Heard 

Obama gave away internet control, and has opened the door to online censorship! Let me know your thoughts by completing the form to the right.

Thank you,
Lee Romanov

Can We Get The Internet Back?! We are fighting for it!

At midnight on Sept. 30, 2016 the US Government, through Obama, gave up internet control to the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN).

The internet is now being governed by a “multi-stakeholder” model, including businesses, individuals, and foreign governments. This means China, Russia, BIG pharma, GMO Companies and self interest groups now control what you upload, and the information you search for.

Disturbingly, many online reporters' freedom of speech are now being shut down through censorship by online news outlets and large content providers as we speak!

Your Freedom Of Speech Is Being Deleted

Most information being deleted is on anything negative about Hillary Clinton, and information that contradicts what Big Pharma, and GMO companies are pushing. The video to the left was just deleted.  

It was a documentary on the positive affects of CBD oil by medical doctors. BIG Pharma, or someone in power didn't like it, and now it's gone!

If there are videos online that you want to keep, I suggest you download them NOW. Here's how to download videos.

Why Has This Happened?! 

The big questions are...

1.  Why did President Obama give up internet control during this critical election period?
2.  Why were so many North Americans unaware of this?
3.  Why were we not allowed to weigh in on an issue that dramatically impacts our lives? 

Ted Cruz said; "It is a violation of federal law."  But that did not stop Obama. Cruz asked; "Where's the gain?" 

Cruz tried to push through a proposal to keep control of internet domain names, but instead an international organization, ICANN, that includes 162 foreign countries now has control of the internet. Cruz warns this has now empowered countries such as Russia, China, and Iran to censor your speech on the web.


All These Videos On This Page Were Live & 
Now Have Been Censored OFF the Internet!


Google & YouTube Censorship 

Who Is ICANN & How Are They Funded

American academics created the internet in the 1950s. As the internet was evolving, other nations wanted to establish universal protocols, and the US created a non-profit organization called the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN).

ICANN is responsible for establishing the internet's global Domain Name System, including policy development for internationalization of the DNS system. They were primarily funded by the registrar's who sell you your domain names, like

When the US passed over control to ICANN, funding now comes from countries, companies, self interest groups, and billionaires that benefit from ICANN services. 

It's power is immense. ICANN 
can, and at will, delete anything online, including your website.

Who Controls The Internet?

The internet is now governed by a “multi-stakeholder” model, including businesses, individuals, and foreign governments. 

What's The Risk?

If you think no one is interested in controlling the internet, think again. Banks, Big Pharma, GMO Companies, Billionaires, and Terrorist Organizations. The internet is now a 'pay-to-play' model for the rich and self-interest groups.

Plus, there's the risk as seen with the Islamic governments having been implicated in shutting down social media sites in order to quell uprisings among their people. It's entirely possible for your internet to be controlled by the same, or similar totalitarians.


What Is Obama's Gain By Giving Away Control Of The Internet?

The most obvious censorship that's happening is with the US election. By law, it's illegal for the government to interfere or censor freedom of speech, even though this is what appears to be happening online, as evidence in the emails released by WikiLeaks.

When Obama handed over the stewardship of the internet on Sept. 30th to ICANN, ICANN can now 'legally censor' and control the internet for them! 

White House Request To Block Documents
Google & YouTube Comply - View Larger

Videos From Journalist Being Censored 

Many videos, and articles are being removed online, without notice or reason.

They all seem to contain anything critical about Hillary Clinton.

To the left you see what a video looks like when it's deleted by YouTube. NOTE: When it's deleted by the creator, it disappears.  

To the right are some videos talking about this censorship. If any of these videos stop playing, it's because they have been taken down by YouTube, not by the creator of the video.

people In All Industries
Are Asking You To Download Their YouTube Videos Before They Disappear

Dr. Sebi claimed he cured AIDS, Cancer, Diabetes, and more. His was imprisoned, then taken to court by the FDA, and he won against the FDA in a NYC Supreme Court. There's little mention about this in the mainstream media. Dr. Sebi recently died after being imprisoned again. 

All naturopathic medicine is in serious risk of being deleted online. BIG Pharma has BIG pockets. They can now simply buy their way into online censorship. people in the Sebi Organization are urging you to download their videos now, before they disappear online!

If there are videos online that you want to keep, I suggest you download them NOW. Here's how to download videos.

All Consumer Information Is At Risk

I've run online businesses since 1994 and has seen the internet evolve, and I've never seen this level of censorship online, except in China! Many election issues are not being reported by mainstream media, and the internet is the only place people go for this information. Plus, there's no guarantee of online freedom of speech, privacy, or security written into this transfer to ICANN.

I pioneered the making insurance rates transparent online by quoting the lowest car insurance rates, saving drivers hundreds and thousands of dollars. I fought insurance industry for years to get their rates online and transparent to the public. But now I fear that such valuable consumer information, like this, may be the next thing to be deleted from the internet as companies begin their own 'pay to play' model with ICANN. We can expect huge censorship coming soon! 

Protection Internet Freedon Act

Watch Ted Cruz asking ICANN direct question of US control - Time Slot 13:04  


WikiLeaks' Emails On Hillary Clinton 

30,000 emails were released by WikiLeaks ( that came from Hillary Clinton's server. I've captured several that are now being deleted online. Hillary Clinton made about a hundred and fifty million dollars in one year. You have to wonder what product or service was she selling.

1. Pay To Play Donor List - Buy key positions in government in order to have power.

Clinton pay to play emails  

2. Pay To Play was even written in their emails.

Hillary pay tp play emails

3. A list of more Pay To Play donors getting key government positions.

pay tp play wikileaks

4. Hillary had a staffer search for information on Provigil, a medication which is
used for people suffering from Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease.


 5. Colin Powell says he would rather not vote for Hillary, and what she touches, she screws up.

Colin Powel Wikileaks emails Don't vote hillary

collin powell hillery screws up 

6. Sheldon White House reports in 2015 Hillary can barely walk. 

Sheldon white Wikileaks steps

7. He was reported as the person who released the emails to WikiLeaks. He is now dead. 

Hillary clinton staffer killed


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