Step 1 - Register Your Domain Name 

To begin, you will 1st need to register your Domain Name.

We recommend

For more information on choosing the right domain name click here.

Step 2 - Attach Your Domain Name To Your Website's Nameservers

To do this, login to the company you bought your Domain Name from.

Then go to the 'Manage DNS Server' section and add this IP Address as the BOTH DNS Records, one for your Domain Name with the www & one for your Doman Name without the www.

If you bought your Domain Name through GoDaddy, simply replace the word 'Parked' with

GoDaddy can also help you to do this. Their number is (866) 938-1119.

Step 3 - Domain  Connection To Your Website

Once you've changed your DNS Server fill out the form below, and we will connect your domain name to your Income Activator website.

How Long? After submitting the form your website will be online and visible to people within 48 hours.

Additional Domain Names?  If you've registered additional Domain Names for your website, you can forward these domain names to your main domain name, or any other page on your website.

Step 4  - Email Addresses & Setup

free email addressesYou need to get your email from the company you registered  your Domain Name with. 

You can create a FREE  email through Gmail.

If you registered your Domain Name through GoDaddy,  you can create a FORWARDING email for FRRE and forward it to your Free Gmail email. Here's how to set up your Email Forwarding with GoDaddy.

Otherwise you can pay GoDaddy a monthly fee of $5+ for an email. 
Click here.

Request To Connect Domain

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Your Full Name *
Your Email Address *
Your Telephone Number *
Your Domain Name Registrar's Login
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Email / Users Name / Password
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