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To Create a new Page on your Website, click on the 'Create A Page' button on the top menu bar.

Tip: Check off 'Hide A Page' to hide it from visitors while you work on it.

1. Insert a Page Title, this will appear above your Page content.
2. Insert a Menu Title that will appear as a Button on your top Menu bar of your Website, use 4 words or less.

3. Type in your Page Content into the Content Editor.

4. Click the 'Save & Exit' button.

1. Your new page shows up in your Page Directory at the right, you can click on the Page Title to Edit it.

2. Click the 'View' link to view your live page, as your Visitors see it.

Here is how your new page might look on your website.


When you are creating the page, it will not alway look exactly like it does in the Content Editor.
You will have to tweek it to give it, by making a change, saving it, and then clicking on the View link.
Below shows you an example of how what one of my pages looks like in the Content Editor compared to the way it appears on the website page.
The arrows show you how differently the text lines up in the Content Management box to the Website Page.

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