Get Traffic Through Article Marketing 

When you write an article and put it up on your website, search engines like Google will find it (which is called crawling).

Once Google crawls it, your article is then indexed and available for online searches.

The more articles you write that are targeted at your website's main keyword phrase, with the articles also supporting related keyword phrases, the more likely your articles will be displayed by the search engines.
Article Marketing:
1.  Steers qualified sales prospects to your website.   
2.  Increases your website’s search engine ranking. 

3.  Improves your link popularity.
4.  Builds your reputation as being an authority or expert in your field.

5.  Enables you to target and direct new audiences to your website.             
6.  Is free advertising. 

How To Promote Your Articles

article marketing
Articles Can be Promoted in a Few Different Ways:

1. Writing an article to place on your website. Click here.
2. You can submit it to several article based directories for distribution to other websites. Click here.
3. Promoting your article through Social Media (Facebook, Twitter). Click here.
4. Other website owners can link to your article from their website.

If you need story ideas or want someone to write articles for you, click here.

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