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Income Activator's online store allows you to sell products and services, information products (ie. ebooks), and affiliate products.

Your online store also includes it's own affiliate program where you can have other websites sell your products or services.

How To Find A Product To Sell 

There are thousands of manufacturers in virtually all categories who have products available for you to sell online immediately.
You Can Sell The Income Activator Website Program
Through your registration of the Income Activator website builder you're automatically an affiliate partner of Income Activator.
This means that you can promote Income Activator's website builder and receive a commission for everyone who registers for their own Income Activator website builder and stays on the program for a minimum of 2 months. To learn more, click here.
Find A Product Or Service Online
You can search on Google for the type of products or services you want to sell. When you find the company selling it, you can call them directly. Many of these companies also have what's called an Affiliate Program where you can sign up on their website to sell their products.
There are also companies that have consolidated thousands of these corporations under their umbrella where you can go and select the kind of products you want to sell. Three popular consolidators are Click Bank and Commission Junction.                

Affiliate Companies & Commissions

Commissions vary from affiliate company to affiliate company. Information and downloadable software products can average commission rates of 50%, where products or services usually bring in commission rates between 5% and 10 %.
Information Products      
Information and downloadable products are the most profitable. They can pay significant commission. In some situation you can even get commission rates over 50% if you approach the business owner directly. Some information marketers will 'give away' their info product in exchange for visitors to their website.
To find these information marketers simply do a Google search beginning with the words 'How To (And What You're Looking For).' You'll want to search websites to compare products, before deciding on the information product you would like to sell. Then call up the website owner and strike a deal with them to sell their product. Never email them unless there's no other way of getting in touch with them. Negotiations are always better with a call or meeting.
Click Bank:  Click Bank sells information and downloadable software products with commissions ranging between 40% to 75%. You can register for free on Click Bank and be accepted immediately to sell any of the products from the companies they represent. To see how to register for Clickbank, click here. To register you start by going to
Here's an example of a software product, offered by a company under the Click Bank umbrella, which monitors a child's activities on the web to protect against online predators; click here to view the product. When a sale is made you're paid 51% commission from this Click Bank's affiliate company.

Income Activator Affiliate Program

You are automatically enrolled as an affiliate can can earn commissions from $60.00 to $1000.00. Read more about Income Activator's Affiliate programs...
Physical Products
Some affiliate companies selling products have an approval stage to go through, while others don't. Registration is free, but it can be a hit or miss on being accepted.

Commission Junction:  
Commission Junction (CJ) Product Lines range in commission from 5% to 10%. To learn more about CJ click on this link: 
Your Online Store 
Before applying to Commission Junction get your website up and looking professional. Put up your sales pages to create a store like environment, showing you're serious about selling online. You may want to first apply to companies you don't care about being accepted by to become comfortable with the application process. Once accepted, put up some of their products using your Income Activator Store.

This will show that you've been accepted by other companies to sell their products online. This will go a long way to being accepted by the companies you really want to sell for.
Affiliate Seeking: Find affiliate partners and programs. To browse through their affiliate programs, click here.

Tracking Sales With A Tracking Link

When you become an affiliate to sell a company's product or service, you're given an affiliate tracking link that tracks your sales. A tracking link, tracks the visitors that click from your website to the affiliate's website and tacks your sales.
You simply copy this tracking link into your website. You are usually given a selection of banners, pictures or text with the tracking Link embedded inside. You then copy this code into your Income Activator website. To view an example of adding a tracking link into your website, click here.
In other cases you're given a tracking link you can copy into your own text, or pictures, just like you would when linking to any website or page; Here's how. When a visitor from your website clicks on the tracking link, they're taken to the affiliate's website. When they make a purchase, you're paid by that affiliate company.
Many tracking links keep your visitor's IP Address. This identifies where the person came from and is kept by the affiliate company for a select period of time, usually 2 to 6 months. If you can, you should always ask for the IP address to be kept as long as possible. This way, if the person returns at a later date to purchase, that sale is still attributed to you. 
The link that takes you to the product for sale and tracks which website you came from as well as the sale. When you become an affiliate partner, you're given a login and password where you can view your sales. Many affiliate companies will send you a check when your sales reach a certain dollar value.
Here's how to add a Tracking Link to your website from the following companies.
Note: Companies are always changing the look of their pages, but the process will remain the same. These companies also have free online support to help you if needed.
Click Bank: Here's how to put a Click Bank tracking link on your website, click here.
Commission Junction(C J): Here's how to put a C J tracking link on your website, click here.

Network Marketing & Sales Incentives

Create Your Own Affiliate Network

To create a network of companies to sell your products for you, you need to find complimentary businesses that communicate with their client base either through emails or newsletters and ask if they would be interested in promoting your product and sharing in the commission earned. To learn more about joint venture promotions, click here.

You can find products for free online and use them as sales incentives to give extra value to your product. This way your offer will be better than another offer for the same product. Here's an example using Free Screen Savers, found online, combined with eBook; Click here.

Your Income Activator program shows you how to create an eBook to sell online. Click here to see how.
EBooks can also be used as a sale's incentive and for your visitor to return back to your website, after they've gone to another website to buy the product. To find eBooks to sell, Search Google 'eBook Resell.' 

Advantages & Disadvantages

The advantage of selling existing products is that you have an immediate product line. Your affiliate takes the payments, sends out the product and sends you a check.
Disadvantages & Ways To Protect Yourself

There are problems you can encounter by selling company products. They are:

1. Tracking Issues: The affiliate company gives you a ‘tracking link’ which tracks the visitors that go from your website to the company’s website and buy. Some tracking links are difficult to link into your website properly. You should always test your tracking link to make sure it works. To do this, buy the product and see that the purchase is recorded in your affiliate account that was set up by your affiliate company. You can always return the product after your test. This will also give you insight of what your clients will go through for a return.

2. Poor Sales Processing: You should also go through the buying process with the company you want to represent. This way you'll see if it's easy to purchase the product. There's no point in promoting a product only to find out that's its practically impossible to buy. If the buying process is difficult, you have no means to make it better. If this is the case, find another product with an easy sale's process.

Sales Confirmation: You have little way of confirming if a sale has been made. With many affiliate partners the sale is based on trust. This being the case, you should make sure that after the sale is made, your client returns to your website to do something that creates an action so that you can measure it against your reported sales. One way of doing this is by providing a 'Bonus Gift' as a 'Thank You' for purchasing. The bonus could be a 'Free EBook' or a 'Top 10 List' of things your client would be interested in knowing about. Your vendor should have a Sale's Confirmation page where you can put your bonus offer and link back to your website.

Quality Control: You should also buy the product you're promoting to make sure it's at a level of quality that you can be proud of, or you may find that your refunds are high and your clients are not happy with you.

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