How To Create Referral Revenue

Start Your Directory Referral Program

Through your own experience or expertise you can create an content based website, often referred to as an authority website which can generate income for you by sending leads to businesses. 

Leads are generated when your provide your visitors with the contact information of these businesses and direct them to their website. By doing so you're paid a referral fee.
Leads are generated by a visitor to your website clicking on a link, or completing a questionnaire. Your Income Activator program tracks all Pay Per Click, Leads and Directory Referrals by company, date and creates your invoices.

Income Activator's Referral Program can be incorporated into any website or blog.
To begin, you'll need to sign up an advertiser, or advertisers that will pay you either on a 'Pay Per Click' or 'Referral' basis. You can find thousands of advertisers already paying for leads through Google's Keyword Planner. 

These videos will give you an overview of the Pay Per Click, Lead & Directory Referral Programs offered by Income Activator.  
1.  Pay Per Click Program  This is when you're paid by an advertiser when a visitor from your website 'clicks' on a link and is directed to the advertiser's website. You can create your own Ads, or can design your links look like the Google links and banners. Here's an example of a Demo Website with Pay Per Click links directed to Pet Insurance Companies. 

You also have the option of sending the advertiser an email that a visitor 'clicked on the link' to get to their website. The advertiser can view their clicks by logging into your website and into their 'PPC' account. Here's more about Pay Per Click Advertising and a video on how to set up a Pay Per Click Program.

2.  Lead Program  A Lead Generating Referral is when you direct a visitor from your website to an advertiser's contact information or website, after they've completed your Referral Form. Here's an example ofDemo Website sending Leads to law firms. 

You can set up the referral form to collect the visitor's name, email address and any other kind of information by adding additional questions when you're creating the form. Here's more about Sending Leads to Companies and a video on how to set up the Lead Program.
3.  Directory Referrals  This is when you refer a visitor to a landing page showing a 'list or directory' of advertisers. With Directory Referrals, advertisers bid against each other for the business. For example visitors could give request quotes on house painting, graphic design, photography, or interior design. Here's an example of a Demo Website oferring a Directory Referral Program sending leads to painting companies. 

Your visitor completes a Referral Form where their information is passed onto all advertisers at the same time. This information usually includes the visitor's name, email address and a description of what they are looking for. An email is sent to all of the advertisers, in real time, with the visitor's information. You can send your leads to an unlimited number of advertisers. If you charged each advertiser $10 to bid on each job submitted and you had 10 advertisers, each visitor referral would earn you $100. Here's moer about sending Referrals to Multiple Advertisers and a video on how to set up a Directory Referral Program.
Sign Up  To sign up advertisers for any of these 3 Referral Program, you begin by signing up your advertiser. To do that, click on the top bar entitled Referrals, then from the dropdown menu click on Referral Companies.

Google AdSense Should Not Be Your Only Revenue Stream

5 Reasons Why You Should Launch Your Own Referral Program As Opposed To Using Search Engine Ads like Google AdSense, Yahoo, and Bing.

1. Personalization Google personalizes the ads the person sees on your website based on the visitor's previous search history. This often doesn't
match what your website is about which reduces the number of clicks.
For example, if your website is about food and the person loves skiing, skiing ads may appear on your food website however the person would be more inclined to click on a food related ad when looking at recipe ideas than what new ski boots to buy.
You have control over your ads and advertisers and match your advertisers to the type of visitors you're attracting. This increases the amount of clicks and money you make.

2. Can't Encourage Clicks Search engines have to protect themselves against fraudulent clicks because their advertisers would stop advertising if the leads were fake. Therefore, they would remove you from their click program if you encourage your visitors to click on their ads.
With your Income Activator program you encourage clicks with your recommendations to your advertisers because you know who they are and what kind of visitors they are looking for. This increases the amount of clicks and money you make.

3. No Control You are the mercy of the search engines allowing you to run their ads on your website. If they take you off for whatever reason, you're doomed. You are not told how much money you make per click or which advertiser ads your visitors are clicking on. This being the case, it's impossible to do any real revenue projections.

By running your own advertising programs you know which ads are being clicked on, how many leads you're sending to your advertisers and you set your own advertising rates. You can divide out your referral programs with several advertisers. If one advertiser leaves, you're fine.

4. The Ads Don't Have To Look Like Ads Search engine ads and banners are often ignored by visitors because they look like ads. With your own program you can customize the look and feel of your links and put them where you want. They can even appear as simple text links in the middle of an article. This increases the amount of clicks and money you make.

5. Keep 100% Of The Revenue With search engines ads you get don't know which percentage they are giving you, an average commission rate is between 5-10%. With Income Activator referrals you receive 100% of your referral rate which you set yourself. Leads generally pay more than Pay Per Click ads which means you can ask for a higher referral rate than a click is worth.

If you're already using ads from search engines on your website, it doesn't mean you have to stop. You can simply begin to incorporate your own advertisers into your website too. This means that if your search engine ads stop pulling in the kind of revenue you expect, or if your search engine ad program stops entirely, you have your own advertisers still generating revenue for you.

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