How Your Income Activator PPC Program Works

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You can provide information on a topic you're interested in, place ads on your website, and be paid by an advertiser when an ad is clicked on.

You receive 100% of the click revenue. There is no middle man, like Google.

To view an example of click ads for Pet Insurance companies set up using the Income Activator PPC program, click here. The Ads are the blue links at the top of the page.

A 'click' can be worth anywhere from a few cents to over $50. As previously mentioned; Google's 'Keyword Tool' allows you to you enter in a search term into it and it will tell you the number of people searching for this term on a monthly basis, and what advertisers are paying Google for each click.

Here's an example of the search term 'Medical Malpractice Lawsuit' where companies are paying Google over $50 for a person to click on their ad and be sent to their website. To view this example of this from Google's Keyword Tool, click here.

You and the advertiser decide on what a 'click' is worth. Some website owners surpass $60,000 a month from Click Revenue from advertisers from 'Content Only' websites.

Advertisers are happy to get visitors from websites that promote and support their business.

Plus it's better for the advertiser to get a click form a website supporting their business, but not in competition with their business.

If you can type, assemble pictures or videos, you can make money through Advertisers who Pay Per Click from a content based website. You can even use pictures and videos you find online!

Deciding On A Topic

1. Pick something that is in people's everyday lives.
Finance / Health / Insurance / Education / LLlaughing / Insightful / Advice

2. Pick a company that would pay you the most for these leads.
Even if it's not in your county.

3. Pick a topic that fascinates you, that you enjoy talking about, and researching about it.

4. Pick a topic you want to be the go to expert in.

Pictures & Video Examples of Pay Per Click Revenue Models

Pictures can be used as content for your Pay Per Click Revenue Model

You can even use pictures and videos you find online.

To view an example of Income Activator's Pay Per Click link, click here. At the top of the page the blue links are the ads that direct people to get a free car insurance rate quotes.

Videos can be used as content for your Pay Per Click Revenue Model.

To view an example of the Income Activator Pay Per Click Ads, click here.

Authority Websites

Search Engines, such as Google, Yahoo and Bing love authority based websites with good content and will display them ahead of websites that have little or no content for online search traffic.

You can create an unlimited number of website pages on a certain topic and have visitors click on your ads and you'll be paid by your advertisers.

Advertisers can pay Google $50 and over per click.

Authority Websites

Here's an audio interview that talks about how you can become an authority or expert in your area of interest.

The key to making money from Authority Websites is to know what people are searching for online.

It's far better to get have 200,000 people a month searching online for your topic, than 100 people a year searching for that topic. And it's far better having Google pay you 5% of a $50 click than 5% of $5 a click.

In your Keyword Research section, it shows you how to pick a topic people are search for online, and how to find advertisers that are paying the highest dollar value per click. You'll make more money by selecting a 'search term' people are searching for and find where there is an 'information need' in the market. Make sure you do this research before creating your Authority website.

Where To Find Advertisers

WHere to find advertisers

With Income Activator's Pay Per Click Program you sign up companies that pay you when a visitor clicks on an ad which sends the visitor from your website to the advertiser's website.

Receive 100% Of The Click Revenue
It is simple to find advertisers who are willing to pay per click. You can find thousands of advertisers on Google.

Simply go to, enter in a search term relating to your website and advertisers paying for clicks will be displayed above, in the yellow section and to the right of the Google Search Results page.

You can also find how much money advertisers are paying per click from Google's Adwords program. It is free to sign up.

Adwords has a Keyword Planner program you can use to find the Approximate Pay Per Click dollar amount advertisers are paying Google for clicks. You can see how to do this in the Keyword Research section.

How To Approach An Advertiser Using Google's PPC Program

When you find advertisers using Google PPC program, you may wish to approach them directly and offer them a better pay per click rate with a better promotion. To see how, click here.

Start Your Own Pay Per Click Program Now

This 6 minute video shows you how you can start your Income Activator Pay Per Click program.

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