Make Money From Sending One Referral To A Number Of Advertisers

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Directory Referrals is where all advertisers pay per lead.

You're paid by 'All Advertisers' when a visitor to your website completes a form, clicks on the submit button and is shown the directory of all your advertisers.

For example, if you had a website offering painting quotes, your visitor would complete a form describing the painting job needed. They would then click on the 'Submit' button to view your Directory of Painters. This request for a quote would automatically be emailed to all your painters.

Each painter would pay you a referral fee for the opportunity to quote on the painting job. The visitor is shown the list of painters who will be sending them a quote. Your visitor can also contact any of the advertisers directly should they choose to. If you charged $10 per referral, and had 10 painters quoting, you would earn $100 per referral.

Here is an example of the kind of page listing painting companies, which a visitor to a website would see if they requested a quote for a paint job. To view the demo website, click here.

Providing quotes through a 'Directory Program' can work for many types of businesses. For example:

Business Services:  Find the best price for cell phone, Internet & TV service. Compare Rates for Phone, Internet and TV services.

IT Tech: Find the best price for computer help. Need Tech help. Compare rates and service.

Compare Insurance Quotes:  Refer leads to broker - Commercial leads would be good too.  Home, Auto & Life Insurance free quote online.

Deciding On A Topic

1. Pick something that is in people's everyday lives.
Finance / Health / Insurance / Education / LLlaughing / Insightful / Advice

2. Pick a company that would pay you the most for these leads.
Even if it's not in your county.

3. Pick a topic that fascinates you, that you enjoy talking about, and researching about it.

4. Pick a topic you want to be the go to expert in.


Finding Advertisers

Finding advertisers is easy.

Look in the newspaper. Newspaper advertising is expensive. So is radio and TV advertising. These advertisers all have huge advertising budgets and many have a budget set aside for new forms of advertising. Plus many are very interested in trying out the power of Internet Referrals. 

Another good place to look for advertisers is in old advertiser resources that are going out of date because of the Internet. The Yellow Pages, and Local Directories are good examples of this. Many advertisers spend $1,000 or more a month on Yellow Pages Advertising and are not renewing their contracts so they can move their advertising dollars to the Internet. This climate is perfect for these advertisers to be called upon and offered a lead generating referral program.

If a company doesn't have a website or even an email address, they can still receive referrals and view them through your website.

Remember, they don't pay until someone goes through the process of 'clicking on a submit button' to get their contact information. 

You can point out to your advertiser that you are in a very powerful position as you are addressing your visitor's inquiry, and referring them to their company for a solution. This 'recommendation' is the most powerful, and valuable referral an advertiser can get.

Further, thousands of companies are paying good money for completely 'Unqualified Leads' using Google AdSense. This is where an advertiser selects Keywords, and when an online search is made for those Keywords, their ad will be displayed. If the person doing that online search clicks on that ad, the advertiser pays Google an agreed amount.

Google is a perfect example of the marvel of how much money companies will pay for completely unqualified leads. All kinds of businesses are bidding on keywords consumer's enter into Google's Directory, in hopes Google will 'Link' these consumers to their website. To get priority placement with Google, companies will out bid each other on the CPC (Cost Per Click) to have visitors sent to their website.

These clicks can vary from a couple of cents to hundreds of dollars. You will want to target industries that are paying good money for these referrals.

Companies are paying Google anywhere from a couple of cents, to hundreds of dollars 'Per Click'.

Eventually, many businesses realize the poor quality of the Google Ads, and would welcome better qualified leads. Plus, referrals allow you to set even a higher price than Google's pay per click rate as your visitor would be a much more qualified lead. Here's a way of persuading advertisers away from the Google Pay Per Click model to your referral program. To view, click here.

To find out which companies are paying Google per click and how much, sign up to Google Adwords, by clicking here.

Here's how to find advertisers, and see what they're paying Google for your directory program, click here.

Look for companies that bid or quote on projects, services, or jobs.

Sample Agreement Letter To A Referral Company

Hi Mark,

I'm interested in sending you leads for your Website Help for our visitors so you can quote on the business.

You will be quoting against 5 other suppliers so please keep that in mind.

Please understand, leads are not based on sales, they are based on making the introduction.

The cost to bid on these referrals is $10 per lead.

You will receive the following information for the person wanted to be quoted:

1. Their Name

2. Email

3. Phone Number

4. Their Request

I will need your logo and description of your business and your offer.

Once I add your company to the list of companies quoting for business, 
I will contact you and review how it works, before I begin promoting your service.

Thank you,
Lee Romanov
Example List Of Companies Quoting For Business

What To Charge Per Referral

As a starting point you can charge what Google is charging for sending a person to an advertiser's website 'Per Click.'
You don't have to be Google to demand huge money for leads. You simply need to supply good leads to a business prepared to pay you for them.

To begin your research in creating a Profitable Lead Generation Business start by finding out:

1.  Which 'Keywords' are demanding the most money 'Per Click'?

2.  Which 'Companies' are paying the most for these referrals?

Here's how to use Google's Keyword Planner to find out this information, click here.

Google's Keyword Planner program allows you to find out how much money companies are paying Google for a customer to be linked to their website. It also tells you which Keywords are being searched for online and what companies are paying Google per click.

To access the Keyword Tool, all you need to do is sign up for Google's Free Adwords program. You can do this by clicking here.

Sign Up For Google AdWords To Access Their Keyword Tool

You can access the Keyword Planner when you register for Google AdWords. It's free and is easy to do.

Once you've signed up for Google AdWords, you can enter in search words you think someone would enter in to find your website.

If no one is searching for what you entered in, try another search term until you find one that people are searching for, and advertisers are competing for.

To try the Google Keyword Tool, click here.  To see how to use the Google Keyword Tool, click here.

You will not be able to see what advertisers are paying 'Per Click' until you sign up with AdWords.

To 'Sign Up' for Google AdWords, click here. To see how to sign up for Google AdWords, click here.

You will need a Google Gmail Email address before signing up. It's free. If you don't have one, click here.

Here's how to 'Set Up' the Keyword Planner in Your AdWords Account to make sure you have access to all this information, click here.

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